Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering presents contributions from the 4th Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics held in Shanghai, China. The book covers a broad range of topics, such as: fundamental principles and properties of geosynthetics, testing and standards, reinforcement, soil improvement and ground improvement, filter and drainage, landfill engineering, geosystem, transport, geosynthetics-pile support system and geocell, hydraulic application, and ecological techniques. Special case studies as well as selected government-sponsored projects such as the Three Gorges Dam, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and Changi Land reclamation project are also discussed. The book will be an invaluable reference in this field.

Fundamental Principles and Properties of Geosynthetics.- Investigating the Relationship between Creep and Water Flow Capacity of Geosynthetics.- Study on Vertical Permeability Coefficient of Nonwoven Geotextile.- Discrete Element Modelling of Geogrid Pullout Test.- Study on the Whole Stability Analysis Method for Reinforced Soft Foundation of Embankment with Geofabric.- Stress Relaxation Behaviors of Nonwoven Geotextile Composites.- Prediction of Weatherability of Geosynthetics under Exposure Conditions.- Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of Geomembrane by NCTL Test.- Weathering Degradation of Polyester and Polypropylene Geotextiles.- Evaluation of Geomembrane UV Degradation Using Melt Flow Index and Oxidative Induction Time Tests.- UV Exposure of Polymeric Geomembranes.- Progressive Failure Properties of Sand Retaining Wall Reinforced with Denti-Strip Inclusions.- Evaluation on Stress Cracking Resistances of Various HDPE Drainage Geonets.- Influence of Solution Characteristics on Swelling and Hydraulic Performance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners.- Post-Construction Time History of Tensile Force in Geogrid Arranged in a Full-Scale High Wall.- Experimental Study on Creep Properties of Plastic Geogrid Under Low Temperature.- The Use of Beta Nucleation to Improve the Properties and Lower the Cost of Polypropylene Geogrids.- Effects of Y Type PP Fibers and Hydroxyethyl Methylcellulose (HEMC) on Dry-Shrinkage of Cement Mortars.- Unified Constitutive Curves of Strain-Hardening Medium and Strain-Softening Medium.- Testing and Test Standards.- Characteristics of Self-healing of GCL.- Development and Importance of Testing and Specification of Geosynthetics.- Permeability Test and Shear Test on Geosynthetic Clay Liner.- Long-term Protection Efficiency of Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles.- Study on Creep Strength Test of High-Strength Geogrid.- Development of Thermo-Graph Inspection for Geomembrane Seam Evaluation.- Undrained and Drained Triaxial Tests of Fiber-reinforced Sand.- Accelerated Testing of Geosynthetics for Design and Material Confirmation Support.- Creep Tests of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics.- Study on Hysteresis Properties of Piezometer Tubes Using Circulating WaterModel.- Physical Tests and Centrifuge Tests.- Evaluation of Interface Parameters from Pullout Test in Silty Sand and Weathered Clay.- Pullout Behaviour of Different Geosynthetics Embedded in Granular Soils.- Protection Efficiency of Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles Against Impact Damage.- Study on Direct Shear Test on Interface Performance of Geogrid and Corase-grained Soil.- Centrifugal Modeling of a Geogrid-reinforced Embankment on Soft Subsoil.- Determination of Interface Shear Strength of Geosynthetics Using Centrifuge.- Experimental Investigation of Pull-out Resistance of Uniaxial Geogrids.- Development and Application of CS-LB01 Geosynthetics Pullout Test System.- Geotechnical Centrifuge Experiment and Force Analysis of Reinforced Cushion with Pile Cap Net Structure Embankment.- Centrifuge Shaking Table Tests on Saturated Reinforced Soil Walls.- Centrifuge Modeling on Fiber Reinforced Fly Ash Slope.- Reinforcement.- Importance of Strong Connection Between Geosynthetic Reinforcement and Facing for GRS Integral Bridge.- Study on Seismic Performance of Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls and Deformation Characteristics of Backfill Soil.- Development of Reinforced Earth Wall System with Steel-Framed Facing.- Geogrid Reinforced Segmental Retaining Wall for NH5, Dharmavaram to Tuni, Andhra Pradesh, India.- Wetting-Induced Geosynthetic Reinforced Slope Failure.- Simulating Plane Strain Tests of Sand Specimen Reinforced with H-V Orthogonal Inclusions by PFC.- Investigation on Restraint Effect of Geogrids on Shallow Layer Failure of Expansive Soil Slope.- Determination of Cut Slope Reinforcement Using AHP Technique.- Geometry Design Method Considering Surcharge Load Behind Tiered Reinforced Soil Wall.- Study on the Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall of Concrete Rigid Face by Field Test.- Effect of Reinforced Sand Cushion on the Limit Fill Height of Embankment on Soft Clay Foundation.- Application of The Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls For a High Slope Supporting Project.- Using FLAC3D Numerical Simulation Method to Choose the Reinforced Length of the Soil Retaining Wall.- Upper-Bound Limit Analysis of Reinforced Slopes for Clay Soil.- An Experimental Study on the Effect of Reinforcing Materials for the Stabilization of Soft Ground.- Numerical Simulation of Geogrid Reinforced Lightweight Geomaterials on Soft Ground Area.- A Study on the Deformation Behavior of Laboratory Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Walls.- Reduced Scale Shaking Table Tests on Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls.- A Numerical Model for EPS Geofoam Seismic Buffers.- Elasto-Viscoplastic Simulation of Bearing Capacity Characteristics of Strip Footing on Reinforced Sand.- Influence of Interference on Failure Mechanism of Closely Constructed Circular...

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Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geosynthetics Asia 2008 Proceedings of the 4th Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics in Shanghai, China
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