Mathematics - Key Technology for the Future

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This book is about the results of a number of projects funded by the BMBF in the initiative "Mathematics for Innovations in Industry and Services". It shows that a broad spectrum of analytical and numerical mathematical methods and programming techniques are used to solve a lot of different specific industrial or services problems. The main focus is on the fact that the mathematics used is not usually standard mathematics or black box mathematics but is specifically developed for specific industrial or services problems. Mathematics is more than a tool box or an ancilarry science for other scientific disciplines or users. Through this book the reader will gain insight into the details of mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for a lot of industrial applications.

I Microelectronics 1. Numerical Simulation of Multiscale Models for Radio Frequency Circuits in the Time Domain - Uwe Feldmann 2. Numerical Simulation of High-Frequency Circuits in Telecommunication - Martin Bodestedt and Caren Tischendorf 3. Wavelet-Collocation of Multirate PDAEs for the Simulation of Radio Frequency Circuits - Stephanie Knorr, Roland Pulch and Michael Günther 4. Numerical Simulation of Thermal Effects in Coupled Optoelectronic Device-circuit Systems - Markus Brunk and Ansgar Jüngel 5. Efficient Transient Noise Analysis in Circuit Simulation - Georg Denk, Werner Römisch, Thorsten Sickenberger and Renate Winkler II Thin Films 1. Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Epitaxial Growth and their Application in the Study of a Meander Instability - F. Haußer, F. Otto, P. Penzler, A. Voigt 2. Micro Structures in Thin Coating Layers: Micro Structure Evolution and Macroscopic Contact Angle - J. Dohmen, N. Grunewald, F. Otto and M. Rumpf III Biochemical Reactions and Transport 1. Modeling and Simulation of Hairy Root Growth - Peter Bastian, Jenny Bauer, Andres Chavarria-Krauser, Christian Engwer, Willi Jäger, Sven Marnach, Mariya Ptashnyk, Bernhard Wetterauer 2. Simulation and Optimization of Bio-Chemical Microreactors - Rolf Rannacher and Michael Schmich IV Computeraided Medicine 1. Modeling and Optimization of Correction Measures for Human Extremities - Rene Brandenberg, Tobias Gerken, Peter Gritzmann and Lucia Roth 2. Image segmentation for the investigation of scattered-light images when laser-optically diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis - Herbert Gajewski, Jens A. Griepentrog, Alexander Mielke, Jürgen Beuthan, Urszula Zabarylo and Olaf Minet V Transport, Traffic, Energy 1. DynamicRouting of Automated Guided Vehicles in Real-time - Ewgenij Gawrilow. Ekkehard Köhler, Rolf H. Möhring and Björn Stenzel 2. Optimization of signalized traffic networks - Ekkehard Köhler, Rolf~H.~Möhring, Klaus~Nökel and Gregor Wünsch 3. Optimal Sorting of Rolling Stock at Hump Yards - Ronny S. Hansmann and Uwe T. Zimmermann 4. Stochastic Models and Algorithms for the Optimal Operation of a Dispersed Generation System under Uncertainty - Edmund Handschin, Frederike Neise, Hendrik Neumann and Rüdiger Schultz 5. Parallel adaptive simulation of PEM fuel cells - Robert Klöfkorn, Dietmar Kröner and Mario Ohlberger VI Risk Management in Finance and Insurance 1. Advanced credit portfolio modeling and CDO pricing - Ernst Eberlein, Rüdiger Frey and Ernst August von Hammerstein 2. Contributions to multivariate structural approaches in credit risk modeling - Swantje Becker, Stefanie Kammer and Ludger Overbeck 3. Economic Capital Modelling and Basel II Compliance in the Banking Industry - Klaus Böcker and Claudia Klüppelberg 4. Numerical Simulation for Asset-Liability Management in Life Insurance - T. Gerstner, M. Griebel, M. Holtz, R. Goschnick and M. Haep 5. On the Dynamics of the Forward Interest Rate Curve and the Evaluation of Interest Rate Derivatives and their Sensitivities - Cristian Croitoru, Christian Fries, Willi Jäger, Jörg Kampen and Dirk-Jens Nonnenmacher

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Mathematics - Key Technology for the Future
Joint Projects between Universities and Industry 2004 -2007
E-Book (pdf)
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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