Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 185. Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability provides a synthesis of current knowledge on Indian Ocean biogeochemistry and ecology and an introduction to new concepts and topical paradigm challenges. It also reports on the development of more extensive/frequent observational capacity being deployed in the Indian Ocean. This represents the first collection of syntheses that emphasize a basin-wide perspective, and the contributing authors include some of the most esteemed oceanographers and Indian Ocean experts in the world. The volume is derived from invited plenary talks that were presented at the initial Sustained Indian Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (SIBER) workshop held at the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) in Goa, India, in October 2006. The volume discusses * The overlying physical processes set by monsoonal forcing and how these control biological production and variability * Nutrient cycling and limitation * Pelagic carbon cycling and air-sea exchange * Benthic biogeochemistry and ecology * The impact of climate and human activities on biogeochemistry and ecosystems. The readership for this book will consist of academic and governmental researchers interested in exploring how oceanographic, atmospheric, and hydrological processes combine to establish the environmental setting that supports and drives the pelagic system and which are especially relevant to understanding the complex biogeochemical and ecological interactions in the Indian Ocean.


Jerry D. Wiggert and Raleigh R. Hood are the authors of Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability, published by Wiley.


Raleigh R. Hood, S. Wajih A. Naqvi, and Jerry D. Wiggert vii

Introduction to Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability: Current Understanding and Emerging Perspectives
Jerry D. Wiggert, Raleigh R. Hood, S. Wajih A. Naqvi, Kenneth H. Brink, and Sharon L. Smith 1

Biophysical Processes in the Indian Ocean
J. P. McCreary, R. Murtugudde, J. Vialard, P. N. Vinayachandran, J. D. Wiggert, R. R. Hood, D. Shankar, and S. Shetye 9

What Drives the Biological Productivity of the Northern Indian Ocean?
S. Prasanna Kumar, Jayu Narvekar, M. Nuncio, M. Gauns, and S. Sardesai 33

Monsoons, Islands, and Eddies: Their Effects on Phytoplankton in the Indian Ocean
John Marra and Thomas S. Moore II 57

Impact of Physical Processes on Chlorophyll Distribution in the Bay of Bengal
P. N. Vinayachandran 71

Wintertime Convection and Ventilation of the Upper Pycnocline in the Northernmost Arabian Sea
Karl Banse and James R. Postel 87

Bacterioplankton Abundance and Production in Indian Ocean Regions
N. Ramaiah, V. Fernandes, V. V. Rodrigues, J. T. Paul, and M. Gauns 119

Grazing Processes and Secondary Production in the Arabian Sea: A Simple Food Web Synthesis With Measurement Constraints
Michael R. Landry 133

Physical and Biogeochemical Controls of the Phytoplankton Seasonal Cycle in the Indian Ocean: A Modeling Study
Vamara Koné, Olivier Aumont, Marina Lévy, and Laure Resplandy 147

Dinitrogen Fixation in the Indian Ocean
Margaret R. Mulholland and Douglas G. Capone 167

Distribution and Relative Quantification of Key Genes Involved in Fixed Nitrogen Loss From the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone
Amal Jayakumar, S. Wajih A. Naqvi, and Bess B. Ward 187

Nitrous Oxide in the Indian Ocean
Hermann W. Bange 205

Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Carbon Cycle of the Indian Ocean
Dennis A. Hansell 217

Challenges for Present and Future Estimates of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Indian Ocean
C. Goyet and F. Touratier 231

Net Community Production in the Northern Indian Ocean
V. V. S. S. Sarma 239

Impact of Regional Indian Ocean Characteristics on the Biogeochemical Variability of Settling Particles
Daniela Unger and Tim Jennerjahn 257

Carbon Cycling in the Mesopelagic Zone of the Central Arabian Sea: Results From a Simple Model
Thomas R. Anderson and Vladimir A. Ryabchenko 281

Rates and Regulation of Microbially Mediated Aerobic and Anaerobic Carbon Oxidation Reactions in Continental Margin Sediments From the Northeastern Arabian Sea (Pakistan Margin)
Gareth T. W Law, Gregory L. Cowie, Eric R. Breuer, Matthew C. Schwartz, S. Martyn Harvey, Clare Woulds, Tracy M. Shimmield, Graham B. Shimmield, and Kathleen A. Doig 299

Is 15N of Sedimentary Organic Matter a Good Proxy for Paleodenitrification in Coastal Waters of the Eastern Arabian Sea?
Rajesh Agnihotri, S. Wajih A. Naqvi, Siby Kurian, Mark A. Altabet, and J. F. Bratton 321

Seasonal Anoxia Over the Western Indian Continental Shelf
S. Wajih A. Naqvi, Hema Naik, Amal Jayakumar, Anil K. Pratihary, Gayatri Narvenkar, Siby Kurian, Rajesh Agnihotri, M. S. Shailaja, and Pradip V. Narvekar 333

Unusual Blooms of the Green Noctiluca miliaris (Dinophyceae) in the Arabian Sea During the Winter Monsoon
Helga do Rosario Gomes, S. G. Prabhu Matondkar, Sushma G. Parab, Joaquim I. Goes, Suraksha Pednekar, Adnan R. N. AI-Azri, and Prasad G. Thoppil 347

Monsoonal and ENSO Impacts on Particle Fluxes and the Biological Pump in the Indian Ocean
T. Rixen, V. Ramaswamy, B. Gaye, B. Herunadi, E. Maier-Reimer, H. W. Bange, and V. Ittekkot 365

Basin-Wide Modification of Dynamical and Biogeochemical Processes by the Positive Phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole During the SeaWiFS Era
Jerry D. Wiggert, Jérôme Vialard, and Michael J. Behrenfeld 385

Indian Ocean Research: Opportunities and Challenges
Raleigh R. Hood, J...

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Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability
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