Computer Recognition Systems 3

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The computer recognition systems are nowadays one of the most promising directions in artificial intelligence. This book is the most comprehensive study of this field. It contains a collection of 69 carefully selected articles contributed by experts of pattern recognition. It reports on current research with respect to both methodology and applications. In particular, it includes the following sections: Features, learning and classifiers, Image processing and computer vision, Speech and word recognition, Medical applications, Miscellaneous applications. This book is a great reference tool for scientists who deal with the problems of designing computer pattern recognition systems. Its target readers can be the as well researchers as students of computer science, artificial intelligence or robotics.

Image Processing and Computer Vision.- Augmenting Mobile Robot Geometric Map with Photometric Information.- Patchwork Neuro-fuzzy System with Hierarchical Domain Partition.- Dynamic Surface Reconstruction Method from Unorganized Point Cloud.- Fusion of External Context and Patterns Learning from Video Streams.- Computer Visual-Auditory Diagnosis of Speech Non-fluency.- Low-Cost Adaptive Edge-Based Single-Frame Superresolution.- Eye and Nostril Localization for Automatic Calibration of Facial Action Recognition System.- Grade Differentiation Measure of Images.- 3D Mesh Approximation Using Vector Quantization.- Vehicles Recognition Using Fuzzy Descriptors of Image Segments.- Cluster Analysis in Application to Quantitative Inspection of 3D Vascular Tree Images.- The Comparison of Normal Bayes and SVM Classifiers in the Context of Face Shape Recognition.- Detection of Interest Points on 3D Data: Extending the Harris Operator.- New Edge Detection Algorithm in Color Image Using Perception Function.- A Comparison Framework for Spectrogram Track Detection Algorithms.- Line Detection Methods for Spectrogram Images.- Morphological Analysis of Binary Scene in APR Integrated Environment.- Digital Analysis of 2D Code Images Based on Radon Transform.- Diagnostically Useful Video Content Extraction for Integrated Computer-Aided Bronchoscopy Examination System.- Direct Filtering and Enhancement of Biomedical Images Based on Morphological Spectra.- Features, Learning and Classifiers.- A Novel Self Organizing Map Which Utilizes Imposed Tree-Based Topologies.- A New Feature Extraction Method Based on the Partial Least Squares Algorithm and Its Applications.- Data Noise Reduction in Neuro-fuzzy Systems.- Enhanced Density Based Algorithm for Clustering Large Datasets.- New Variants of the SDF Classifier.- Time Series Prediction Using New Adaptive Kernel Estimators.- The Sequential Reduction Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Rule Based on Double Sorting.- Recognition of Solid Objects in Images Invariant to Conformal Transformations.- A New Notion of Weakness in Classification Theory.- The Adaptive Fuzzy Meridian and Its Appliction to Fuzzy Clustering.- Comparison of Various Feature Selection Methods in Application to Prototype Best Rules.- A Novel Ensemble of Scale-Invariant Feature Maps.- Multivariate Decision Trees vs. Univariate Ones.- On a New Measure of Classifier Competence in the Feature Space.- Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach Employed in Search of Authorial Invariants.- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Observations in Local Optimal Hierarchical Classifier.- Electrostatic Field Classifier for Deficient Data.- Pattern Recognition Driven by Domain Ontologies.- Speech and Word Recognition.- Cost-Efficient Cross-Lingual Adaptation of a Speech Recognition System.- Pseudo Multi Parallel Branch HMM for Speaker Verification.- Artificial Neural Networks in the Disabled Speech Analysis.- Using Hierarchical Temporal Memory for Recognition of Signed Polish Words.- Medical Applications.- Strategies of Software Adaptation in Home Care Systems.- Database Supported Fine Needle Biopsy Material Diagnosis Routine.- Multistrategic Classification System of Melanocytic Skin Lesions: Architecture and First Results.- Reliable Airway Tree Segmentation Based on Hole Closing in Bronchial Walls.- Analysis of Changes in Heart Ventricle Shape Using Contextual Potential Active Contours.- Analysis of Variability of Isopotential Areas Features in Sequences of EEG Maps.- Tumor Extraction From Multimodal MRI.- Combined T1 and T2 MR Brain Segmentation.- The Preliminary Study of the EGG and HR Examinations.- Electronic Records with Cardiovascular Monitoring System.- Stroke Slicer for CT-Based Automatic Detection of Acute Ischemia.- Control of Bio-prosthetic Hand via Sequential Recognition of EMG Signals Using Rough Sets Theory.- Hierarchic Approach in the Analysis of Tomographic Eye Image.- Layers Recognition in Tomographic Eye Image Based on Random Contour Analysis.- Recognition of Neoplastic Changes in Digital Images of Exfoliated Nuclei of Urinary Bladder A New Approach to Classification Method.- Dynamic Contour Detection of Heart Chambers in Ultrasound Images for Cardiac Diagnostics.- Capillary Blood Vessel Tracking Using Polar Coordinates Based Model Identification.- Miscellaneous Applications.- Application of Rough Sets in Combined Handwritten Words Classifier.- An Adaptive Spell Checker Based on PS3M: Improving the Clusters of Replacement Words.- Visual Design Aided by Specialized Agents.- Head Rotation Estimation Algorithm for Hand-Free Computer Interaction.- Detection of the Area Covered by Neural Stem Cells in Cultures Using Textural Segmentation and Morphological Watershed.- Decision Support System for Assessment of Enterprise Competence.- The Polish Coins Denomination Counting by Using Oriented Circular Hough Transform.- Recognizing Anomalies/Intrusions in Heterogeneous Networks.- Vehicle Detection Algorithm for FPGA Based Implementation.- Iris Recogn...

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Computer Recognition Systems 3
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