Protostellar Jets in Context

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It is over a quarter of a century since the discovery of out?ows from young stars. The intervening years have led to remarkable advances in our understanding of this phenomenon. Much of the progress can be attributed to advances in facilities and technologies, including not only larger telescopes but also improved instrument and detector performance. In addition protostellar out?ows have now been imaged from the ground and space at high spatial resolution, e. g. with HST, and at a wide - riety of wavelengths from X-rays to radio waves, revealing more and more about their physics. This veritable revolution in observation has been accompanied by an exponential growth in our ability to numerically simulate the launching and pro- gation of jets. Codes continue to improve: they now incorporate more physics and are increasingly ef?cient through, for example, techniques such as adaptive mesh re?nement and the use of parallel processing in cluster environments. Simulating the launching and propagation of a jet all the way from the vicinity of the star up to 4 several thousand AU (a size range of10 ) is now much closer. In more recent times, developments in observation, theory and numerical s- ulation have been joined by laboratory jet experiments reproducing, on centimetre scales, that which is seen in astrophysics to stretch for several parsecs.

Introductory Reviews.- Astrophysical Jets.- Jets from Young Stars.- The star/jet/disk system.- The Star-Jet-Disk System and Angular Momentum Transfer.- Hot Inner Winds from T Tauri Stars.- Hot Gas in Accretion Disks and Jets: An UV View of Star Formation.- Generalized Multipole X-Wind Model.- Instabilities in Accretion Disks.- Theory of Wind-Driving Protostellar Disks.- Aspect Ratio Dependence in Magnetorotational Instability Shearing Box Simulations.- Advection/Diffusion of Large Scale Magnetic Field in Accretion Disks.- Magnetic Reconnection in Accretion Disk Systems: From BHs to YSOs.- Jet launching.- Self-Collimated Jets from Accretion Discs and Star-disc Interaction Zones.- Large-Scale 3D Simulations of Protostellar Jets.- Magnetic Field Advection in Weakly Magnetised Viscous Resistive Accretion Disks: Numerical Simulations.- Extending Analytical MHD Jet Formation Models with a Finite Disk Radius.- Magnetohydrodynamic Jets from Different Magnetic Field Configurations.- Resistive MHD Jet Simulations with Large Resistivity.- The X-wind Model.- Disk-Magnetosphere Interaction and Outflows: Conical Winds and Axial Jets.- Simulating the Launching of YSO Jets.- On the Effect of Stellar Wind Braking onto the Central Object.- Flaring Activity in Accretion Flows of Young Stellar Objects.- Similarities of the Launching Mechanism in Protostellar/AGN Jets.- Formation of Episodic Magnetically Driven Radiatively Cooled Plasma Jets in Laboratory Experiments.- Jets in the MHD Context.- Session III: Observational constraints on jet launching.- Jets from Embedded Protostars.- Accretion Luminosity of Embedded Protostars.- Resolved Inner Jets from T Tauri Stars.- Searching for Jet Rotation Signatures in Class 0 and I Jets.- Observational Constraints to Steady Jet Models in Young Stars.- Searching for Brown Dwarf Outflows.- Protostellar Jets Driven by Intermediate- and High-Mass Protostars: An Evolutionary Scenario?.- General Properties of Jets from Active Galactic Nuclei and Comparison with Protostellar Jets.- Jet propagation, stability, interaction with the environment, X-ray emission.- The Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Stellar Jets.- Radiative Jets from Variable Sources.- Position-Velocity Analysis of HH 111: Physical Structure and Dust Content.- Application of Tomographic Techniques to Stellar Jets.- Measurement of Magnetic Fields in Stellar Jets.- Jet kinematics.- Synthetic Jets - from Models to Observations and Back.- X-Ray Emission from Young Stellar Jets.- The Complex Morphology of the X-ray and Optical Emission from HH 154: The Pulsed Jet Scenario.- Radiative Shocks in the Context of Young Stellar Objects: A Combined Analysis from Experiments and Simulations.- X-Ray Imaging Spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae in the Chandra/XMM Era: New Insight into Stellar Jets.- 3D Modeling of the 2006 Nova Outburst of RS Ophiuchi: Collimated Outflows and Jet-Like Ejections.- Molecular outflows and Turbulence injection by jets.- Molecular Outflows: Observations.- Driving Mechanisms for Molecular Outflows.- Protostellar Jet and Outflow in the Collapsing Cloud Core.- Outflow Driven Turbulence in Star Forming Clouds.- Jet Driven Turbulence?.- Prospects for Outflow and Jet Science with ALMA.- JETSET early stage researcher presentations.- Two-component Jet Simulations: Combining Analytical and Numerical Approaches.- Jets from Young Stellar Objects: From MHD Simulations to Synthetic Observations.- Molecular Cooling in Large Scale Simulations of Protostellar Jets.- Survival of Molecules in MHD Disk Winds.- Sheared Magnetic Field and Kelvin Helmholtz Instability.- Jets from Class 0 Protostars: A Mid-IR Spitzer View.- 0.15#x2033; Study of the Atomic and Molecular Jets in DG Tau.- Velocity Resolved IR Diagnostics of Class I Jets.- Laboratory Astrophysics: Episodic Jet Ejections.- Parameter Study in Disk Jet Systems.- Early Stage Development of the Jetset Database.- Posters.- Shaping Planetary Nebulae by Jets.- New Herbig-Haro Objects in the Gulf of Mexico.- Launching Jets from MRI-driven Accretion Discs.- Properties of Jet Emitting Discs.- The H Velocity Field of Inner Knots in HH 212.- Magnetic Fields in Low-Mass Star Forming Regions: Alignment to Jets/Outflows?.- Interacting Knots in Jets: Simulations vs. Observations.- Wide Field JCMT HARP-B CO(3-2) Mapping of the Serpens Cloud Core.- Numerical Simulations of Herbig Haro Objects: A Low Excitation HH Object.- Soft X-rays from DG Tau: A physical Jet Model.- Multifluid Simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in a Weakly Ionised Plasma.- Large-scale 3D Simulations of Protostellar Jets: Long-term Stability and Jet Rotation.- Extragalactic Jets with Helical Magnetic Fields.- Jets from Collapsing Stars.- Outflows in High-Mass Star Forming Regions.- Astrophysical Jet Experiment.- The Angular Momentum of Dense Clumps in Elephant Trunks.- A Precessing Jet in the NGC2264G Outflow.- Line Diagnostics of Large Scale Jets from Classical T Tauri Stars: The Case of DG Tau.- Relativistic Two-C...

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Protostellar Jets in Context
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