Cosmological Society

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The Cosmological Society is directed towards two things: (1) an understanding of the historical and cultural factors that furnish the context, the background, and the outlook of human beings that give rise to values and belief-systems--in essence, a vision of reality and a way of being-in-the-world--but a vision of reality that is grounded in illusion; and (2) how to liberate the mind from the illusions created by the cultural matrix--the social glue that binds people in a given culture of society--a web of symbolic relationships that shapes human experiences and events into some kind of meaningful order. How this arrangement occurs has to do with what we are taught both to see and to value. Thus to begin to understand culture is to understand how we think and act on our unquestioned assumptions about the nature of 'reality.' The ancient wisdom teachings, the ancient science of life had as its primary purpose to free individuals from the constraints of the cultural matrix. This book explores in depth how the cultural matrix has been created and the dynamics of the ancient science of life--the science of mind that enables us to possess the right forms in which to behold our human experience and to provide us with the right framework and perspective on reality--and ultimately to provide us with the right model for interaction with reality. It is the structural re-arrangement of the human psychical organization for the processing and creative utilization of bio-cosmic energy.


The human body is the convergence, the living synthesis of the essential vital functions of the universe through its multidimensional fields of energies. The incarnation of the universe in Man is the fundamental theme of all the great religions--the Living Temple, the House of Life. This is the supreme reality that we must strive to understand. The ancient science of life, the science of mind was nothing less than a Root-Doctrine or Proto-Knowledge that has been handed down through the ages by means of illuminated individuals, teachers, and Masters of Wisdom, as well as through Mystery Schools. It is a knowledge that was and is available to all who want to understand the nature of life, the nature of the human being and our destiny, and our relationship to the Universal Source of Life--the alpha and omega of the universal science known as The Great Work--the Science of Life--the Science of Regeneration that lies as the foundation and substratum of all great world religions and mythologies. This science has been deliberately concealed and veiled by a grand and embellished allegorical symbolism--but a treasure house of wisdom and knowledge to those who possessed the key to its mysteries, and the key to all the dark problems of life and death. In modern terminology, this science is essentially a method for understanding the nature of human and cosmic evolution.

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Cosmological Society
Foundations of a Cosmic Vision of Life
E-Book (epub)
Esoterik: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke
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