SCORe '96: Solar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship

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This volume contains the reviews and poster papers presented at the workshop Solar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship: SCORe '96, held in Arhus, Denmark, May 27 - 31, 1996. The aim of this workshop was to bring together experts in the fields of convection and helioseismology, and to stimulate collaborations and joint research. The participation to this workshop was purposely kept limited in order to provide optimal conditions for informal discussions. In autumn of 199,5 the long-awaited GONG network of solar telescopes became fully operational and the first data already show significant improvement over existing datasets on solar oscillations. Furthermore, in December of 1995 the satellite SOHO was launched which, together with GONG, provides a major step forward in both the quantity and the quality of available solar oscillation data. It is with this in mind that we decided to organize the workshop to prepare for the optimal use of this wealth of data, with which to deepen our understanding of solar structure and specifically, of one of the longest-standing problems in solar and stellar modelling: the treatment of convection.


Preface. Part I: Global Structure. Effects of Convection on the Mean Solar Structure; J. Christensen-Dalsgaard. Convective Overshooting and Mixing; I.W. Roxburgh. Effect of Turbulent Pressure on Solar Oscillation Frequencies; H.M. Antia, S. Basu. Parameters of the Solar Convection Zone in Evolutionary and Seismic Models; V. Baturin, S.V. Ayukov. A Calibration of Mixing Length Theory Based on RHD Simulations of Solar-Type Convection; H.-G. Ludwig, et al. A Precision-Controlled Solar Model with Realistic Subatmospheric Stratification; H. Schlattl, et al. Solar Models with Convective Overshoot; M. Stix, M. Kiefer. Near-Surface Constraints on the Structure of Stellar Convection Zones; R. Trampedach, et al. Part II: Basic Properties of Convection. Stellar Convection; General Properties; Å. Nordlund, B. Stein. Compressible Turbulence; V.M. Canuto. Sound Speed Variations Near the Photosphere Due to Entropy Perturbations in 3D Numerical Experiments; D. Georgobiani, et al. A Hydrodynamic Simulation of the Radiation-Convection Transition Region; Y.-C. Kim, K.L. Chan. Photospheric Downflows: How Deep, How Coherent, How Important? M.P. Rast. `Mesogranulation' - A Convective or an Oscillatory Phenomenon? Th. Straus. Part III: Convective Effects on Oscillations. Convective Effects on Mode Frequencies; C.S. Rosenthal. Excitation and Damping of Solar Acoustic Oscillations; P. Kumar. On Nonlinear Solar Oscillations; H.P. Singh, et al. Effects of Convection on Solar p Modes; M. Swisdak, E. Zweibel. The Theory of Anisotropic P-Mode Propagation in the Solar Convection Zone; Yu.D. Zhugzhda. Part IV: Rotation and Magnetic Fields. Rotation and Angular Momentum Transport;J.-P. Zahn. The Solar Dynamo Problem; F. Cattaneo. Differential Rotation in Turbulent Compressible Convection; N.H. Brummell, et al. The Effects of Rotation on the Global Dynamics of Turbulent Convection; K. Julien, et al. The Effects of Rotation on Convective Overshoot; K. Julien, et al. Two-Dimensional Measurements of Sunspot Oscillations; J. Staude, T. Horn. Part V: Local Properties of Convection. Acoustic Tomography of Solar Convective Flows and Structures; A.G. Kosovichev, T.L. Duvall Jr. Dynamic Behavior of the Solar Atmosphere; R.F. Stein, M. Carlsson. The Influence of Radiative Damping on the Modes of a Magnetized Isothermal Atmosphere; D. Banerjee, et al. Dynamical Relations Between Photosphere and Chromosphere; N.M. Hoekzema. Photospheric Flows as Measured by SOI/MDI; N. Hurlburt, et al. The Dutch Open Telescope; R.J. Rutten, et al. The Magneto-Optical Filter in Napoli: Perspectives and Test Observations; P.F. Moretti, et al. Part VI: Synthesis. Synthesis, Convection, Structure and Evolution; E. Schatzman. Index of Authors. Index of Keywords.

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SCORe '96: Solar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship
E-Book (pdf)
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