Advances on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators

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This proceedings volume contains papers that have been selected after review for oral presentation at ROMANSY 2014, the 20th CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators. These papers cover advances on several aspects of the wide field of Robotics as concerning Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators.

ROMANSY 2014 is the twentieth event in a series that started in 1973 as one of the first conference activities in the world on Robotics. The first event was held at CISM (International Centre for Mechanical Science) in Udine, Italy on 5-8 September 1973. It was also the first topic conference of IFToMM (International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science) and it was directed not only to the IFToMM community.

Proceedings volumes of ROMANSY have been always published to be available, also after the symposium, to a large public of scholars and designers with the aim to give an overview of new advances and trends in the theory, design and practice of robots.

This proceedings volume, like previous ones of the series, contains contributions with achievements covering many fields of Robotics as Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators that can be an inspiration for future developments.

ROMANSY is the first conference on Robotics with a continuous tradition of regular events from 1973 onwards

Papers are related to last achievements in the fields of Robot Design, Dynamics and Control

New research points the way forward with the latest ideas and concepts

Includes supplementary material:


Preface.- Ro. Man. Sy: Its Beginnings and its Founders, by Bernard Roth.- Parametric Method for Motion Analysis of Manipulators with Uncertainty in Kinematic Parameters, by Vahid Nazari and Leila Notash.- Self-adjusting isostatic exoskeleton for the elbow joint: Mechanical Design, by Viet Anh Dung Cai and Bidaud Philippe.- Design of Ankle Rehabilitation Mechanism Using a Quantitative Measure of Load Reduction, by Daisuke Matsuura, Shouta Ishida, Tatsuya Koga and Yukio Takeda.- Characterization of the Subsystems in the Special Three-Systems of Screws, by Dimiter Zlatanov and Marco Carricato.- Singularity Analysis of 3-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulator, by Pavel Laryushkin, Victor Glazunov and Sergey Demidov.- Generalised Complex Numbers in Mechanics, by Joseph Rooney.- On the Perturbation of Jacobian Matrix of Manipulators, by Leila Notash.- Accuracy improvement of robot-based milling using an enhanced manipulator model, by Alexandr Klimchik, Yier Wu, Stéphane Caro, Benoit Furet and Anatol Pashkevich.- Re-Designing of a New Tripod Based Hybrid Manipulator Based on Gf Set Theory, by Dan Zhang and Bin Wei.- Moving Mechanism Design and Analysis of Suspension Insulator Inspection Robot, by Shujun Li, Hongguang Wang, Shichao Xiu, Xiaopeng Li and Zaohui Ren.- Design of 4-DOF Parallelogram-based RCM Mechanisms with a Translational DOF Implemented Distal from the End-effector, by Andy Gijbels, Dominiek Reynaerts and Emmanuel Benjamin Vander Poorten.- Rotational Axes Analysis of the 2-RPU/SPR 2R1T Parallel Mechanism, by Yundou Xu, Shasha Zhou, Jiantao Yao and Yongsheng Zhao.- Recursive and Symbolic Calculation of the Stiffness and Mass Matrices of Parallel Robots, by Sebastien Briot and Wisama Khalil.- Kinematics, Dynamics, Control and Accuracy of Spherical Parallel Robot, by Sergey Kheylo and Victor Glazunov.- Dynamics and Control of a Two-Module Mobile Robot on a Rough Surface, by Nikolai Bolotnik, Mikhail Pivovarov, Igor Zeidis and Klaus Zimmermann.- Shaking Force and Shaking Moment Balancing in Robotics: a critical review, by Vigen Arakelian.- Investigation into the influence of the foot attachment point in the body on the four-link robot jump characteristics, by Sergey Jatsun, Oksana Loktionova, Lyudmila Volkova and Andrey Yatsun.- Numerical Detection of Inactive Joints, by Marek Wojtyra.- Quasi-static motions of a three-body mechanism along a plane, by Igor Borisenko, Felix Chernousko and Tatiana Figurina.- Control design for 3D flexible link mechanisms using linearized models, by Paolo Boscariol, Erfan Shojaei Barjuei, Alessandro Gasparetto, Marco Giovagnoni and Renato Vidoni.- Walking on slippery surfaces: generalized task-prioritization framework approach, by Milutin Nikolic, Branislav Borovac and Mirko Rakovic.- Autonomous robot control in partially undetermined world via fuzzy logic, by Yury Volodin, Boris Mikhaylov and Arkady Yuschenko.- Laplacian Trajectory Vector Fields for Robotic Movement Imitation and Adaption, by Thomas Nierhoff, Sandra Hirche and Yoshihiko Nakamura.- Trajectory Planning of Redundant Planar Mechanisms for Reducing Task Completion Duration, by Emre Uzunolu, M.I.Can Dede, Gökhan Kiper, Ercan Mastar and Tayfun Srtmaç.- Design choices in the development of a robotic head: human-likeness, form and colours, by Scean Mitchell, Gabriele Trovato, Matthieu Destephe, Massimiliano Zecca, Kenji Hashimoto and Atsuo Takanishi.- Hopping Robot using Pelvic Movement and Leg Elasticity, by Takuya Otani, Kazuhiro Uryu, Masaaki Yahara, Akihiro Iizuka, Shinya Hamamoto, Shunsuke Miyamae, Kenji Hashimoto, Matthieu Destephe, Masanori Sakaguchi, Yasuo Kawakami, Hun-Ok Lim and Atsuo Takanishi.- A Robotic Head that Displays Japanese Manga Marks, by Tatsuhiro Kishi, Hajime Futaki, Gabriele Trovato, Nobutsuna Endo, Matthieu Destephe, Sarah Cosentino, Kenji Hashimoto and Atsuo Takanishi.- Terrain-adaptive Biped Walking Control Using Three-point Contact Foot Mechanism Detectable Ground Surface, by Kenji Hashimoto, Hyun-Jing Kang, Hiromitsu Motohashi, Hun-Ok Lim and Atsuo Takanishi.- Biped Walking on Irregular Terrain Using Motion Primitives, by Mirko Rakovic, Branislav Borovac, Milutin Nikolic and Srdjan Savic Experimental Investigation of Human Exoskeleton Model, by Ivan Ermolov, Valery Gradetsky, Artyom Sukhanov, Maxim Knyazkov and Eugeny Semyonov.- Underactuated finger mechanism for LARM Hand, by Marco Zottola and Marco Ceccarelli.- Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Novel Cable-Driven Parallel Robot for Ankle Rehabilitation, by Runtian Yu, Yuefa Fang and Sheng Guo.- Position/force control of medical robot interacting with dynamic biological soft tissue, by Vadim Golovin, Maksim Arkhipov and Vitaliy Zhuravlev.- Biomimicking a Brain-map based Carangiform Swimming Behaviour in a BCF Mode Robotic-Fish Underwater Vehicle, by Abhro Roy Chowdhury.- Variable Inertia Muscle Models for Musculoskeletal Dynamics, by Minyeon Han and Frank Park.- UGV Epi.q-Mod, by Giuseppe Quaglia, Luca Butera, Emanuele Chiapello and Luca Bruzzone.- Six-Link In-Pipe Crawling Robot, by Sergey Jatsun, Oksana Loktionova and Andrei Malchikov.- Dynamics Model of STB Projectile Loom, by Assylbek Jomartov, Skanderbek Joldasbekov and Gakhip Ualiyev.- Development of an origami type robot to realize transformation and movement, by Kazuma Otani and Mitsuharu Matsumoto.- From Lawnmower Dynamics to Modeling, Simulation and Experiments of a Differentially Driven Robot, by Qirong Tang and Werner Schiehlen.- Kinematic Analysis Validation and Calibration of a Haptic Interface, by Mehmet Ismet Can Dede, Bar Taner, Tunç Bilgincan and Marco Ceccarelli.- Problems of Increasing Efficiency and Experience of Walking Machines Elaborating, by Eugene Briskin, Victor Shurygin, Vadim Chernyshev, Alexander Maloletov, Nikolai Sharonov, Yaroslav Kalinin, Alexander Leonard, Valery Serov, Konstantin Mironenko and Sergei Ustinov.- Stiffness Analysis of WL-16RV Biped Walking Vehicle, by Giuseppe Carbone and Kenji Hashimoto.- Compliance Based Characterization of Spherical Flexure Hinges for Spatial Compliant Mechanisms, by Farid Parvari Rad, Giovanni Berselli, Rocco Vertechy and Vincenzo Parenti Castelli.- Analysis and synthesis of thin-walled robot elements with the guided deformation law, by Sergey Gavryushin.- HCLC Integration Design and High-Precision Control of a Kind of Joint for Space Manipulator, by Zhihong Jiang, Hui Li, Que Dong, Bo Wei, Qiang Huang, Xiaodong Zhang, Zixing Tang and Wei Rao.- A Novel Robotic Joint Actuation Concept: The Variable Mechanical Fuse, VMF, by Yoichiro Dan and Oussama Khatib.- Internal Force-based Impedance Control for Cable-driven Parallel Robots, by Christopher Reichert, Katharina Müller and Tobias Bruckmann.- Time Optimal Manipulations with 3D Hyper Redundant Manipulators amidst Narrow Passages, by Elias Xidias and Nikos Aspragathos.- A Blocking Plate Manipulation Robot System Based on Image Recognition, by Yonggui Wang, Xingguang Duan, Chang Li, Meng Li, Xiangzhan Kong, Yang Yang and Ningning Chen.- Walking mobile robot with manipulator - tripod, by Victor Zhoga, Andrey Gavrilov, Vladimir Gerasun, Ivan Nesmianov, Vladimir Pavlovsky, Vladimir Skakunov, Victor Bogatyrev, Denis Golubev, Victor Dyashkin-Titov and Natalia Vorobieva.- Brain Flow in Application for New Robotic POLIMI Platform, by Alberto Rovetta.- A dual formation constraint mechanism of mobile sensor network based on congestion will, by Cheng Yang, Ping Song, Chuangbo Hao and Guang Wang.- Kinematic Uncertainties in Human Motion Tracking and Interaction, by Qilong Yuan and I-Ming Chen.- Experiments of a human-robot social interactive system with whole-body movements, by Gan Ma, Qiang Huang, Zhangguo Yu, Xuechao Chen, Libo Meng and Weimin Zhang.- Distributing the Supporting Heads for Robotized Machining, by Teresa Zielinska, Wlodzimierz Kasprzak, Cezary Zielinski and Wojciech Szynkiewicz.- The Founder of Russian School of a Robotics (to the 100 Anniversary since the Birth of Academician E.P. Popov), by Evgeny A. Kotov, Anaid V. Nazarova and Sergey A. Vorotnikov.- Falsework with Improved Rigidity of The Structure, by Yerbol Temirbekov and Skanderbek Joldasbekov.- Force capability polytope of a 3RRR Planar Parallel Manipulator, by Leonardo Mejia Rincon and Daniel Martins.- Interactive Design of a Controlled Driving Actuator, by German Kreinin and Sergey Misyurin.- Design and Implementation of Self-Balancing Camera Platform for a Mobile Robot, by Emin Kececi, Volkan Bukey and Aydemir Arisoy.- Action of Robot with Adaptive Electric Drives of Modules, by Konstantin Ivanov.- Index of Names.

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Advances on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators
Proceedings of Romansy 2014 XX CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators
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Springer International Publishing
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014
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