Family Business Models

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An exceptional new work on family business, showing how to maintain a balanced relationship between the family and the company, and ensure satisfactory business results. This roadmap helps the reader to build better managed and more stable family firms.

'This book makes an innovative contribution to our knowledge of family business. It is the fruit of several decades of research and teaching, through family business models or 'archetypes'. I am confident that, like all good theories, it is going to be extremely practical and useful for family businesses that, today and in the future, face the exciting challenge of family business management.' Carlos Losada, Director General, ESADE Business School

'This book represents an important and novel contribution to knowledge on family business. Working on the basis of painstaking research, the authors have succeeded in obtaining relevant and practical conclusions regarding the various family business models and the right management procedures to apply to each of them. The resulting book has great credibility and usefulness, not only for those with an interest in the matter but also for anyone who wishes to gain insight into this field.' Fernando Casado, General Manager, Instituto de la Empresa Familiar

'This is a book that I would like to have been able to read and study nearly two decades ago, when we faced our succession process. If this process was positive, it was precisely because we made the right change of family business model for the time the business and the family was going through, by developing governance bodies and continuing the professionalisation of management. I am sure this book will be very useful for business families.' Mariano Puig, Chairman, Puig Foundation, Founder and Honorary President of the European Group of Owner Managed and Family Enterprises (GEEF)


ALBERTO GIMENO is Associate Professor at ESADE Business School, responsible for the Family Business Program and co-director of the Advanced Management Program (AMP). He is also a Permanent Visiting Professor at the Witterner Institut für Familienunternehmen (WIFU). He is member of the Expert Group in Family Business of the European Commission and of the Body of Knowledge Committee of the Family Firm Institute (FFI). He is one of the founding partners of Family Business Knowledge (FBK) an applied research company in the field of the family business He also acts as a consultant to business families.

GEMMA BAULENAS has a Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Family Therapy from the Autonomic University of Barcelona. She is a professor in Family Therapy and a regular collaborator with the Executive Education Centre of ESADE. She was a pioneer in applying Family Therapy to the relationship amongst members of a family business. In addition she is one of the founding partners of Family Business Knowledge (FBK), an applied research company in the field of family business. Gemma likewise acts as a consultant to many business families.

JOAN COMA-CROS has a Degree and an MBA in Business Administration from ESADE. He is one of the founding partners of Family Business Knowledge (FBK), an applied research company in the field of the family business. Joan also acts as a consultant to many business families. Joan has had executive responsibilities in several family businesses and is currently a member on the board of a diverse family owned business. In addition he has been responsible for his own family group generational evolution.

Foreword by Ivan Lansberg Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1 - History of Family Business Management Chapter 2 - Family Business Management Formula Structural Management of the Family Business Family Complexity Business Complexity Effects of complexity on the family business Structure Chapter 3 - Family Business Models Captain Model Emperor Model Family Team Model Professional Family Model Corporation Model Family Investment Group (FIG) Model Comparative analysis of the models Mindset and structure: how thoughts influence deeds Chapter 4 - Family Business Management Management in the Captain Model Management in the Emperor Model Management in the Family Team Model Management in the Professional Family Model (PFM) Management in the Corporation Model Management in the Family Investment Group Model Mixed models Family business management triangle Conclusions Appendix - Details of Structure

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Family Business Models
Practical Solutions for the Family Business
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Springer Palgrave Macmillan
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