Get F*#k!ng Rich: How To Get As Much Income, Time, Growth And Tax Back As You...

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Alessio Favaretto was born in Rome, Italy. He is an Italian-Australian real estate investor, airline pilot, personal development coach, author and entrepreneur.

His early career began in Aviation. He worked as a flight instructor and overseas student marketing representative in his early twenties. He received multiple Diplomas in the field of Aviation and a graduate certificate in Human Factors from Swinburne University.

In 2010, he began his business and real estate investor experience, while embarking in his own personal development journey. He became a Silver Director in USANA Health Sciences, created the BEA HERO(TM) brand, and grew his role to international airline pilot across Asia and Oceania.

Alessio is well known among his peers and followers for his extraordinary lifestyle, overseas travels, tax knowledge, helpful attitude, and a passion for kite surfing, tennis, dance, and music.

Alessio is constantly learning about trends-he recently took courses in social media marketing and advertising, online selling, drop shipping, Amazon, and cryptocurrencies.

One of Alessio's biggest goals is to establish BEA HERO(TM) as worldwide movement to help people achieve their goals through online programs, books and live coaching. He is currently working on a book aimed to empower teenagers achieve their full potential, and has inspired some of his closest friends to become BEA HERO(TM)'s trainers and authors.


Get F*#k!ng Rich gives you the tools you need to make a lot of money and enjoy your life-all while avoiding a boring desk job. The BEA HERO technique combines a core set of values with the knowledge they have gathered through their research and experiences.
Working a 9 to 5 job in an office might give you the security of a steady income, but it's unlikely to get you rich. The BEA HERO unique technique described in Get F*#k!ng Rich teaches you the basics of online business, how it works, what you can expect when you start, how much money you can expect to make, and proven tips on how to reduce your tax while enhancing your lifestyle.
Wouldn't you love to have money deposited into your bank month after month without you having to go to an office every day? Read this book and learn how to get f*#k!ng rich for the rest of your life.

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Get F*#k!ng Rich: How To Get As Much Income, Time, Growth And Tax Back As You...
How To Get As Much Income, Time, Growth And Tax Back As You Can Possibly Handle.
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