Amazon Book Description Hacks

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"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." - Bruce Lee

Alex Wong is a professional writer and content strategist. He's also the head copywriter for an advertising media agency specializing in custom websites and internet marketing. He's the first person in his family to graduate from university, earning himself a degree in psychology. Alex is the author of several best-selling books published on Amazon.

A few other interesting things you might find interesting:

· Before becoming a writer, he's worked as a waiter, customer service agent, telemarketer, animator, tutor, and English teacher.
· He loves learning new things including languages, salsa, and popping. He's currently learning the art of Tai Chi.
· If he could meet one anyone it would be Bruce Lee. You couldn't ask for a better role model.

You can learn more about his services at


Learn How to Create Compelling Amazon Book Descriptions That Boost Your Ranking, Sales and Profits
Are you an author that is struggling to make an impact?
Is the competition strong and eating into your sales?
Do you want to learn their secrets and beat them at their own game?
Writing books and selling them has never been easier. With online platforms, like Amazon, almost anyone can write a book and publish it for a worldwide audience to read. But writing and publishing is one thing; making sales is another altogether.
Inside the pages of Amazon Book Description Hacks: An Author's Guide to Boosting your Ranking and Sales, you will discover the secrets that others already know and put to good use, like:

The secret to standing out on Amazon

How to learn about your customers

How to increase your rankings

10+ FREE resources for finding keywords

How to write compelling book descriptions

Writing an effective headline/tagline

Formatting book descriptions

Action plans to practice what you learn

And much more…

This comprehensive guide teaches authors how to write and optimize their Amazon book descriptions and listings. Suitable for both nonfiction and fiction books, it includes many examples and tips that are designed so you can quickly implement them to get results right away.

**So, if you want better sales for your book, look no further and get a copy of Amazon Book Description Hacks now!**

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Amazon Book Description Hacks
An Author's Guide To Boosting Your Ranking And Sales
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Alex Wong Copywriting
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