Basic Principles in Applied Catalysis

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Applied catalysis is based nowadays not only on empirical knowledge but also on the many insights, that have been gained from the fundamental understanding of catalysis. It also comprises knowledge and expertise from catalytic reaction engineering, in particular kinetics of the catalytic reaction and its interplay with heat and mass transfer as well as fluid dynamics and the specific conditions prevailing in the type of reactor used. Applied catalysis comprises many areas from a reaction point of view, many types of catalytic materials from which catalysts are formed are needed to achieve high selectivities and space-time yields, last but not least catalysts should have a long life time to which its deactivation is detrimental. A catalytic material that fulfils all the demands then often requires special mechanical and thermal treatment to be used in practise. Various books have been written about specific areas as mentioned above. It is the intention of this contribution to present timely reports by well-recognised experts in the field to outline the state of science and technology in selected but representative areas illustrating the basic principles of applied catalysis.

Comprehensive treatment

Covers complete spectrum of industrial catalysts

Both applied aspects and the essential scientific principles are described. The main topics can be summarized as follows: heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis, catalyst preparation and characterization, catalytic reaction engineering and kinetics, catalyst deactivation and industrial perspective.

I Introduction.- The Importance of Catalysis in the Chemical and Non-Chemical Industries.- II Selected Reactions in Heterogeneous Catalysis.- Partial Oxidation of C2 to C4 Paraffins.- Selective Hydrogenation of Multiply-Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Compounds.- Catalytic Reforming.- The Application of Zeolites in Catalysis.- III Preparation, Functionality and Characterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts.- Catalyst Preparation.- Tools for High-Throughput Experimentation in the Development of Heterogeneous Catalysts.- Ordered Mesoporous Materials: Preparation and Application in Catalysis.- In-situ-Characterization of Practical Heterogeneous Catalysts.- IV Homogeneous Catalysis, Polymerization Catalysis and Biocatalysis.- Homogeneous Catalysis.- Polymerization Catalysis.- Biocatalysis.- V Catalytic Reaction Engineering.- Kinetics of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions.- Catalyst Deactivation.- Divided Catalytic Processes.- Structured Catalysts and Micro-Structured Reactors.

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Basic Principles in Applied Catalysis
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