Principled Profits

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In my role with the John Maxwell Company, I've learned and lived leadership with the best of the best. That's why I so am excited about Bobby Albert and this book, Principled Profits. This book reveals a proven path to exceptional success. Bobby is truly a leader of leaders, and his book offers you a roadmap to values-driven leadership and success. Outward success is indeed an inside job!
Mark Cole
CEO of The John Maxwell Company

Once in a great while, I encounter a leader of leaders. A person who thinks more deeply and has a greater impact than most of his or her peers. Bobby Albert is such a leader, and his book, Principled Profits, confirms that fact. Are you a leader who wants to lead your people to meaningful success? Then this book is for you.
- Judy R. McReynolds
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer ArcBest SM

The leaders who build enduring organizations, ones that have a real and lasting impact, are not simply lucky. They follow certain unwavering principles. Bobby Albert presents these principles in Principled Profits, drawing a clear roadmap to meaningful success.
- Paul Slack
Founder and Chief Strategist, Vende Social

The truths contained in this book capture the very essence of how Bobby lived and led as he grew his own organization. Grab it, read it, and apply it you'll be amazed at the fresh impact you will have as a leader.
- Jason Turner
VP, Talent and Growth Initiatives, ArcBestSM

Bobby Albert led the Albert Companies to unprecedented growthand he did so during one of the most challenging economic periods of our lifetime. His unique leadership, coupled with an unending desire to learn, enabled this CEO and his team to grow revenues and profits by 500 percent between 2005 and 2011, the year he sold his business to a publicly traded company.

Using a values-driven approach, Bobby created a unique and special workplace culture. The Best 100 Companies to Work for in Texas awarded their coveted designation to the Albert team for the first two years they applied for consideration.

He is currently president of Values-Driven Leadership, LLC. He helps other leaders build inspiring workplace cultures through values-driven leadership. Bobby writes, speaks, and consults with key leaders to share the principles and practices that he used to grow his company from five employees to an organization of more than 150 team members.

As a regular contributor on Fox News Radio, Bobby provides insight on leadership, workplace culture, and employee engagement.


It's time for a new type of leadership. One that's based on truth, not tricks and tactics. Most leaders are frustrated - with their people, their progress and their performance. Principled Profits reveals how to build an organization on the firm foundation of clearly-defined core values. As professionals operate from proven principles, they'll be ready to lead their people through any situation. And here's the kicker-they'll be setting their organization up for previously unattainable success.
Quit looking for the next new tactic or quick fix, and tap the power of values-driven leadership today!

If you're like most leaders, your hard work isn't translating into the results you desire. Maybe trying harder is not the solution.

What if you could achieve more than you ever thought possible -by changing your approach to leadership?

Former CEO and serial entrepreneur Bobby Albert has lived, learned and taught leadership for decades. In Principled Profits, Bobby reveals the Paradox of Effective Leadership that transformed his leadership and catapulted his organization to unprecedented success. The proven principles laid out in this book provide a roadmap for any leader who is willing to step out and lead in a bold new way. Once you learn how to tap the passion and knowledge residing in your team, you too, will be positioned for extraordinary growth.

Bobby Albert offers the eager leader a proven path to growth and significance.

Inside Principled Profits you'll discover:

  • How to build your business on the solid foundation of core values
  • The mindset that throws open the door of opportunity
  • A 3-step process that's a sure-fire way to increase employee engagement

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    Principled Profits
    Outward Success Is an Inside Job
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