Changing Cancer Patterns and Topics in Cancer Epidemiology

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Despite an enormous investment of effort throughout the world, cancer is still a major barrier to human longevity. Cancer deaths are estimated to be more than five million globally. Currently responsible for about 20% of all deaths in developed coun tries, the burden of cancer is steadily increasing in the developing world, following the control of malnutrition and infectious and parasitic diseases. Deeply impressed by the report of the Symposium on Geographic Pathology and Demography of Cancer held at Oxford in 1950, and through his preliminary work on cancer mortality statistics in Japan, Professor M. Segi decided to devote his life to the fight against cancer by establishing worldwide comparative cancer statistics-one of the landmarks in cancer studies and in cancer prevention strategies. He and his associates published six volumes of Cancer Mortality in 24 Countries with reliable mortality statistics covering 1950-1967, using the world population which he had derived as a standard. These publications rapidly became standard works of reference on the subject throughout the world. Professor Segi was a pioneer of cancer epidemiology in Japan. He cleaved a path through the jungle of cancer using epidemiological methods. By promoting cancer studies, he overcame the poor understanding of malignant disease which existed after World War II, when cancer mortality rates were still low.

Changing Cancer Patterns.- Changing Patterns of Cancer Incidence in Five Continents.- Trends of Cancer Incidence by Site and Histological Type in Osaka, Japan, 19631982.- Changes in Mortality of All Forms of Malignant Neoplasms among Japanese for the Last Decades.- Trends in Lung Cancer Mortality in 24 Countries.- Cancer Registration.- Cancer Registration in the Near Future.- The Cancer Registry and the Study of Occupational Cancer in Denmark.- Changes in Frequency of Less Common Cancers: An Early Warning System for Cancer Registries.- End Results of Cancer Patterns: From Population-Based Cancer Registry Data.- The Impact of the Computer on the Cancer Registry.- Migrant Study.- Cancer among Japanese-Americans in Hawaii.- Cancer Mortality among Polish Migrants.- Cancer Patterns among Koreans in Japan.- Topics in Cancer Epidemiology.- Passive Smoking and Cancer: An Epidemiological Review.- Exogenous Hormones and the Risk of Cancer.- Adult T-Cell Leukemia.- Chemical Risk Factors for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC)A Review.- Occupational Lung Cancer in a Tin Mine in South China.- Etiologic Clues from Cancer Mapping in the United States.- International Comparative Study.- Comparative Epidemiology of Cancer in the United States and Japan: Preventive Implications.- U S.-Japan Cooperative Cancer Research Program Report of a Workshop on Adult-Type Cancer under Age 30.- Rearranging Segi's Cancer Mortality Statistics by Factor and Cluster Analysis.- Author Index.

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Changing Cancer Patterns and Topics in Cancer Epidemiology
In Memory of Professor Mitsuo Segi
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Springer US
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
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