The Substance of Faith

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To read 'The Substance of Faith' is once again to experience Clarence Jordan at his best: the flashing wit that could illuminate even as it entertained, the blazing concern that knew how to lay its burden on the heart of even the casual listener, the biting irony that pierced sham and pretense, the depth of spirit that saw fresh meaning in the most familiar passage of Scripture. Within the pages of this book, you'll discover the basic themes of Clarence Jordan's life: Incarnational Evangelism,"" the God Movement,"" and his prophetic insight into the enemies of authentic faith, such as Mammon. Dallas Lee has brought all this together from what Clarence Jordan said in pulpit, classroom, and lecture hall.

Every sermon in this book is a blossoming flower with thorns - a flower revealing God's love and a thorn in the side of those who are unwilling to incarnate God's love to others. These sermons will both comfort and challenge you into a deeper relationship with the Prince of Peace.""

Jimmy Carter, from the Foreword

He was highly entertaining, with a vivid, colloquial relevance - a great storyteller, with a grand sense of humor and a sly sense of irony. But underlying these extemporaneous sermons you also will recognize fresh scholarship on ancient ideas and a life lived where the light meets the dark.""

Dallas Lee, from the Introduction

Clarence Jordan had a rare combination of Biblical scholarship, passionate faith, and - most important - the courage to 'put that faith into action'. This is a priceless collection of his most important ideas, presented in his own words.

Don Mosley, Jubilee Partners

Jordan said that to be a faithful Christian we must live our lives 'in scorn of the consequences.' 'Substance of Faith' is Clarence's timeless road map on what it takes for us to join up with the 'God Movement.'""

John Cole Vodicka, Prison & Jail Project

Clarence Jordan deeply affected my family through his phenomenal intellect, insights, and concern for human beings. Habitat for Humanity would not exist today without his unique vision and determination to make Christianity relevant in today's time.

Faith Fuller, Producer/Director of 'Briars in the Cotton Patch: The Story of Koinonia Farm'

Clarence Jordan, one of seven children of a prominent small town family in Georgia, had a desire to help others from an early age. Family thought he might become a lawyer. Instead, he majored in agriculture at the University of Georgia. But believing that man doesn't live by bread alone,"" he went on to earn his MA and PhD in New Testament Greek from Southern Baptist Seminary where he met and married Florence. Together with Martin and Mabel England, they founded Koinonia Farm in 1942, an intentional Christian community located in Americus, Georgia. He died there in 1969. His primary works include the Cotton Patch Version of most of the New Testament.

Dallas Lee is author of 'The Cotton Patch Evidence: the Story of Clarence Jordan and the Koinonia Farm Experiment', Harper & Row, 1971. Koinonia Farm has reprinted paperback editions of the book, with the publisher's permission. Copies are available through Koinonia's direct mail communications at

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The Substance of Faith
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