Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems

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This book provides an overview and analysis of developments in several areas of computational intelligence. It includes methods that apply to diverse fields such as manufacturing, tourism, power systems, computer science, robotics, chemistry and biology.

Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems provides an overview and original analysis of new developments and advances in several areas of computational intelligence. Computational Intelligence have become the road-map for engineers to develop and analyze novel techniques to solve problems in basic sciences (such as physics, chemistry and biology) and engineering, environmental, life and social sciences. The contributions are written by international experts, who provide up-to-date aspects of the topics discussed and present recent, original insights into their own experience in these fields. The authors also include methods that apply to diverse fields such as manufacturing, tourism, power systems, computer science, robotics, chemistry, and biology. Topics include: Simulation and evolution of real and artificial life forms; Self-organization; Models of communication and social behaviors; Emergent collective behaviors and swarm intelligence; Adaptive, complex and biologically inspired systems; Power Systems ; Web-based Applications; Knowledge discovery; Intelligent Tutoring Systems ; Decision support Systems; Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

State of the art scientific results on computational intelligence for engineering systems

Written by world leading experts

Applications in a wide range of topics

Includes supplementary material:

Preface; Intention Recognition with Evolution Prospection and Causal Bayes Networks, Luís Moniz Pereira and Han The Anh; Scheduling a Cutting and Treatment Stainless Steel Sheet Line with Self-Management Capabilities, Ana Madureira, Ivo Pereira, Nelson Sousa, Paulo Ávila and João Bastos; A sensor classification strategy for robotic manipulators using multidimensional scaling technique, Miguel F. M. Lima and J. A. Tenreiro Machado; Collective-Intelligence and Decision-Making, Paulo Trigo and Helder Coelho;Analysis of Crossover Operators for Cluster Geometry Optimization, Francisco B. Pereira and Jorge M. C. Marques; A Support Vector Machine based Framework for Protein Membership Prediction, Lionel Morgado, Carlos Pereira, Paula Veríssimo and António Dourado; Modeling and Control of a Dragonfly-Like Robot, Micael S. Couceiro, N. M. Fonseca Ferreira and J.A. Tenreiro Machado; Emotion Based Control of Reasoning and Decision Making, Luis Morgado and Graça Gaspar; A Generic Recommendation System based on Inference and Combination of OWL-DL Ontologies, Hélio Martins and Nuno Silva; GIGADESSEA Group Idea Generation, Argumentation, and Decision Support considering Social and Emotional Aspects, Goreti Marreiros, Ricardo Santos and Carlos Ramos; Electricity Markets: Transmission Prices Methods, Judite Ferreira, Zita Vale and Hugo Morais; Computational Intelligence Applications for Future Power Systems, Zita Vale, Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Judite Ferreira and Hugo Morais; Index

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Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems
Emergent Applications
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