Screen-Printing Electrochemical Architectures

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This book offers an essential overview of screen-printing. Routinely utilised to fabricate a range of useful electrochemical architectures, screen-printing is also used in a broad range of areas in both industry and academia. It supports the design of next-generation electrochemical sensing platforms, and allows proven laboratory-based approaches to be upscaled and commercially applied. To those skilled in the art, screen-printing allows novel and useful electrochemical architectures to be mass produced, offering fabrication processes that are cost-effective yet highly reproducible and yield significant electrical benefits.

However, there is no readily available textbook that actually equips readers to set about the task of screen-printing, explaining its techniques and implementation. Addressing that gap, this book will be of interest to both academics and industrialists delving into screen-printing for the first time. It offers an essential resource for those readers who want learn to successfully design, fabricate and implement (and mass-produce) electrochemical based architectures, as well as those who already have a basic understanding of the process and want to advance their technical knowledge and skills.

Provides thorough insights into the world of screen-printing

Presents a comprehensive overview of the history of and current approaches in the screen-printing field

Offers information on practical aspects, including how to set up a screen-printing machine and successfully produce a desired design

Includes supplementary material:


Dr Chris Foster undertook his undergraduate course at Manchester Metropolitan University in Chemistry with management and has just recently been awarded his PHD which was upon the assembly and Modification of Screen-Printed Electrodes, within the Craig Banks Research Group. His area of expertise considers the fabrication, characterisation and electroanalytical application of such sensors. Over the duration of his PhD he has co-authored over 10 peer reviewed journals articles.

 Dr Kadara is an electro-analytical chemist by training. He has been with Oxtox Ltd since 2007 as a Senior Scientist initially and later as a Principal Scientist in charge of production development. His area of expertise are screen printing technology, electrode design and fabrication, material selection and ink formulation, production operation management, measurement science and the development of sensors (chemical and bio-sensors) for environmental and biological samples. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University where he collaborates with Professor Craig Banks on the application of various printing technologies.

Prior to joining Oxtox Ltd, he was a Researcher at University of Bedfordshire where he worked on a DEFRA LINK project to do with research, development and testing of sensor/measurement devices along with associated sampling   and also carrying out other industry funded research. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, edited 2 books and is an inventor of 1 patent.


Professor Craig Banks is a full Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University and holds a personal chair in electrochemical and nanotechnology. Craig has published over 300 papers and has spun out three companies from his research. Craig's current research is directed towards the pursuit of studying the fundamental understanding and applications of nanoelectrochemical systems such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, and nanoparticle-derived sensors, developing novel electrochemical sensors via screen-printing and related techniques and energy storage and generation based on graphene composites.                                 


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Screen-Printing Electrochemical Architectures
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Springer International Publishing
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H235mm x B155mm x T3mm
1st ed. 2016
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