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Diamond Wilson is 33 years old and loves adventure. She ate a worm-burger and chicken feet in South America, backpacked through Europe, rescued a friend from arrest in Mexico (the federales were really very nice), had coffee with the French police, was kicked out of a train station in Italy for having feet on a chair, and spent an entire night on the beach in a thunderstorm in Spain.

She has a favorite scarf that functions as a blanket, a swimsuit, a towel, (anything, really). She doesn't leave the house without at least three electronic devices, a protein bar, and her passport--because you never know where life might take you. Diamond loves s'mores, fancy cheese, dark chocolate, and strong coffee. She loves to cook for her family, especially her nine nephews and nieces who inspire her to write stories and have adventures.

She is the author of The Quest for the Queen series, Bring Your MICCC series, Little Words, Big Ideas series, and The Sand Sculptor. She was a Dallas Morning News Voices Columnist, and currently teaches Spanish at SCC.

She speaks five languages, has a Bachelor's degree in German, Spanish, and French, has a Master's degree focusing on Latin American and Peninsular Literature and Pedagogy, taught Spanish for two years at Washington State University and taught French and Spanish for five years in Texas. Oh, yeah. And she free-style raps when around very close friends.

Diamond enjoys playing basketball, hiking, floating the river, watching the sunrise at the beach, Latin dance, reading, writing, and making handpuppets in her classroom on the projector screen.

If you like TED Talks, check out her TEDxPlano presentation on Thinking Forward For Your Self


This workbook is the second in the Bring Your MICCC series designed to provide a skeleton of information that each young person can customize in order to fit their specific needs. If it can be summed up in three words, they are: Strive, Struggle, Evolve!

This interactive book on image provides activities for young people to:

better themselves through self-reflection and peer input

evaluate self in one's current state

vizualize outcomes and character trait goals

create habits

define outcomes, processes, and checkpoints

This book shows young people how to fail well and grow from failures while providing activities to develop self-confidence, and assists the young person in organizing his or her thoughts, beliefs, and feedback from others as the young person establishes the culture he or she will carry into adulthood.

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Bring your MICCC-Image
The Young Person's Guide for Successfully Transitioning into Adulthood
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