Directions in Quantum Optics

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This collection of papers written by leading researchers reflects the forefront of research in the dynamic field of quantum optics. Topics covered include BEC, atomic optics, quantum information, cavity QED and quantum noise processes.
This volume forms an indispensable reference source for all those who want to keep up with the latest developments in this area.

Includes supplementary material:

Bose-Einstein Condensation.- Density Oscillations in Trapped Bose Condensates at Finite Temperature.- Coherent Vortex Dynamics in Two- and Three-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Quasicondensate Droplet Formation in Hydrogen.- Polarization Decay in a BCS Paired Fermi Gas.- A Model of a Pumped Continuous Atom Laser.- The BEC Near a Feshbach Resonance: A Superfluid of Mutually Coherent Condensates.- Collisional and Collapse Dynamics of a Twin Bose-Einstein Condensate with Negative Scattering Length.- Schrödinger Cat State of a BoseEinstein Condensate in a Double-Well Potential.- Quantum Interference and Atom Optics.- A Historical Perspective on Lasing Without Inversion.- The Coherent-Path Approach to Forward Scattering of Recoil-Free Resonant Gamma Radiation.- Parametric Amplification of Coupled Atomic and Optical Fields.- Quantum and QED Effects on Reflection from an Atomic Mirror.- Atom Wave Lithography via Adiabatic Passage in Multilevel Systems.- Quantum Information.- Qudit Entanglement.- Grover's Algorithm for Multiobject Search in Quantum Computing.- New Tests of Macroscopic Local Realism.- Teleportation Criteria: Form and Significance.- Quantum Information Processing Based on Cavity QED with Mesoscopic Systems.- Quantum State Protection Using All-Optical Feedback.- Cavity QED and Nonlinear Optics.- Single-Photon Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Control.- Normal-Mode Coupling of Excitons and Photons in Laterally Confined Nanocavities Toward the Quantum Statistical Limit.- Cavity QED with Many Atoms.- The Photonic Band Gap Laser: The Role of Spontaneous Emission in the Theory of Solid-State Lasers and LEDs.- Superradiant and Subradiant Behavior of the Overdamped Many-Atom Micromaser.- Bifurcations to Cooperative States in Arrays of Coupled Nonlinear Optical Oscillators.- Quantum Noise Processes.- Nonlinear Quantum Fluctuations in the Parametric Amplifier.- Quantum Phase Transitions in a Linear Ion Trap.- Quantum Noise Transfer Functions: A Practical Tool in Quantum Optics.- Self-Consistency of Thermal Jump Trajectories.- Complementarity in Spontaneous Emission: Quantum Jumps, Staggers and Slides.- Ergodicity of Quantum Trajectory Detection Records.

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Directions in Quantum Optics
A Collection of Papers Dedicated to the Memory of Dan Walls Including Papers Presented at the TAMU-ONR Workshop Held at Jackson, Wyoming, USA, 26-30 July 1999
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H235mm x B155mm x T21mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2001
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