Dynamic Decoupling of Robot Manipulators

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This book presents the latest results in the field of dynamic decoupling of robot manipulators obtained in France, Russia, China and Austria.

Manipulator dynamics can be highly coupled and nonlinear. The complicated dynamics result from varying inertia, interactions between the different joints, and nonlinear forces such as Coriolis and centrifugal forces. The dynamic decoupling of robot manipulators allows one to obtain a linear system, i.e. single-input and single output system with constant parameters. This simplifies the optimal control and accumulation of energy in manipulators. There are two ways to create the dynamically decoupled manipulators: via optimal mechanical design or control.

This work emphasises mechatronic solutions. These will certainly improve the known design concepts permitting the dynamic decoupling of serial manipulators with a relatively small increase in total mass of the moving links taking into account the changing payload. For the first time such an approach has been applied on serial manipulators. Also of great interest is the dynamic decoupling control of parallel manipulators. Firstly, the dynamic model of redundant multi-axial vibration table with load has been established, and, secondly, its dynamic coupling characteristics have been analyzed.

The discussed methods and applications of dynamic decoupling of robot manipulators are illustrated via CAD simulations and experimental tests.

Includes mechanical and control solutions

Illustrates solutions via CAD

Casts new light on manipulator Dynamics


Preface.- Chapter 1 Dynamic decoupling of robot manipulators: a review with new examples, by V. Arakelian, J. Xu, and J. P. Le Baron.- Chapter 2 Design of adjustable serial manipulators with decoupled dynamics, by V. Arakelian, J. Xu, and J. P. Le Baron.- Chapter 3 Dynamic decoupling of planar serial manipulators with revolute joints, by V. Arakelian, J. Xu and J.P. Le Baron.- Chapter 4 Tolerance analysis of serial manipulators with decoupled and coupled dynamics, by J. Xu, V. Arakelian, and J.P. Le Baron.- Chapter 5 Dynamics decoupling control of parallel manipulator, by Jun-Wei Han, Wei Wei and Zhi-Dong Yang.- Chapter 6 Design and analysis of the 6-DOF decoupled parallel kinematics mechanism, by Victor Glazunov, Natalya Nosova, Sergey Kheylo, Andrey Tsarkov.- Chapter 7 Design of Decoupled Parallel Robots, by T. Parikyan.

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Dynamic Decoupling of Robot Manipulators
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Springer International Publishing
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