Fifteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics

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This book covers a wide area of topics, from fundamental theories to industrial applications. It serves as a useful reference for everyone interested in computational modeling of partial differential equations pertinent primarily to aeronautical applications. The reader will find three survey articles on the present state of the art in numerical simulation of the transition to turbulence, in design optimization of aircraft configurations, and in turbulence modeling. These are followed by carefully selected and refereed articles on algorithms and their applications, on design methods, on grid adaption techniques, on direct numerical simulations, and on parallel computing, and much more.

Numerical simulation and analysis of the transition to turbulence.- Multidisciplinary design optimization of advanced aircraft configurations.- Turbulence modeling Progress and future outlook.- A general class of difference approximation for scalar conservation laws converging to the entropy solution and including high resolution ones.- Multidisciplinary control design for a two-dimensional airfoil with jets.- Characteristic-based numerical algorithms for stiff hyperbolic relaxation systems.- Stokes preconditioning for the inverse power method.- An efficient four-factored time integration scheme for three-dimensional compressible flow problems.- Optimum shape design using automatic differentiation in reverse mode.- Further progress in numerical flux scheme.- Compressible mixing layer computations with high-order ENO schemes.- An element-based three-dimensional CFD code independent of grid structures.- Artificial viscosity and the cell vertex method.- Inverse optimization method for blunt-trailing-edge airfoils.- Computing non-equilibrium turbulent flows with time-dependent rans and vles.- A new type of upwind schemes.- Interpretation of pressure-based methods as time-marching schemes.- A fast flux-splitting for all speed flow.- A positivity-preserving pressure-correction method.- Multidimensional upwinding and implicit newton acceleration for the 3D euler equations on tetrahedral meshes.- Computational aeroacoustics via a new global conservation scheme.- High-resolution, high-order, finite-difference algorithms for computational aeroacoustics.- Multigrid solution of the euler equations with local preconditioning.- An Euler solver based on the method of space-time conservation element and solution element.- A least squares spectral element method for incompressible flow simulations.- A fully coupled solver for two- and three-dimensional incompressible and free surface flows in viscous fluid.- Simulation of piston engine flows in realistic geometries.- Conception of a zonal method for the computation of viscous separated flows.- On pressure compatibility condition in numerical simulation of incompressible viscous flows using primitive variable formulation.- On some unification themes in computational fluid dynamics.- A dramatic improvement of an implicit Lax-Wendroff scheme for steady compressible viscous flow calculations.- Fully Automatic Navier-Stokes algorithm for 2D high-lift flows.- Computation of complex flows with SLIP scheme and half equation model of turbulence.- Efficient matrix decomposition for implicit algorithms.- Multigrid methods with line and block smoothers for compressible Navier-Stokes equations.- Towards higher-order accuracy on arbitrary grids.- A genuinely second-order accurate method for viscous flow computations with complex geometry.- A directionally adaptive finite element method for hypersonic thermo-chemical nonequilibrium flows.- Expediting time-marching supersonic flutter prediction through a combination of CFD and aerodynamic modeling techniques.- A finite element eulerian approach to the inflight icing problem.- Progress in integrated fluid/structure/controls computations using high fidelity equations.- Pulsatile flow through the carotid bifurcation.- Solving steady mixed conservation laws by elliptic/hyperbolic decomposition.- Numerical tools for unsteady viscous flow control.- Aeroelasticity analysis of aircraft wings in flutter-onset or post-flutter regime.- A fast inverse design method based on direct surface transpiration concept.- Optimisation of airfoils using parallel genetic algorithms.- Fast design of transonic airfoils using the euler equations.- Matrix fluctuation splitting schemes for accurate solutions to transonic flows.- Simulations of unsteady shock wave reflections using adaptive unstructured grids.- Assessing grid quality of structured meshes by truncation error analysis.- Directional mesh refinement for Navier-Stokes equations.- Towards automatic grid independent viscous solutions with an adaptive Cartesian/Quad grid flow solver.- Numerical investigation on wake shedding in a turbine rotor blade.- Numerical solution of several 2D and 3D internal flow problems.- Numerical analysis of the unsteady flow fields in a multistage turbine.- On new approaches and algorithms of grid construction for the problems of mathematical physics.- Large Eddy simulation with dynamic subgrid stress model of a rectangular impinging jet.- A comparative study of multilevel schemes in homogeneous turbulence.- Numerical study of the transition from regular to mach reflection in steady supersonic flows.- Discontinuous galerkin and MUSCL strategies for an adaptive mesh refinement method.- Numerical simulation of a boundary-layer flow interacting with a passive compliant boundary.- Direct numerical simulation of flow around sphere.- Simulations of spatially developing plane shear layers and jets.- Large eddy simulation of unsteady, compressible, separated flow around NACA 0012 airfoil.- Three-dimensional computations of time-dependent incompressible flows with an implicit multigrid-driven algorithm on parallel computers.- Massively parallel implementation of an explicit CFD algorithm on unstructured grids.- Investigation of 3D shock focusing effects with a TVD-upwind scheme for the navier stokes equation.- A parallel navier-stokes code for large industrial flow simulations.- The generalized alternating direction multi-zone implicit method.- Parallel computing in computational aerosciences addressing quick-turnaround requirements.- Application of extrapolation method to incompressible N-S equations on massively parallel computer.- Large-scale Navier-Stokes simulation of fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft on Massively Parallel computers.- Entropy consistent formulation and numerical simulation of the BGK-Burnett equations Using a kinetic wave/particle flux splitting algorithm.- The application of domain decomposition in a three-dimensional panel method for nonlinear water waves.- Physical aspects of discretization subdomain and schemes of convective diffusion equation and their application to flow numerical calculation.- Schemes and constraints for advection.- Computing surface tension by a hybrid VOF and LS algorithm.- Adaptive projection-grid methods and their application.- A computational approach for modeling solar-wind physics.- Method of weakest descent for automatic block merging.- Three-dimensional simulations of marangoni-benard convection in small containers by the least-squares finite element method.- Calculation of vortex shedding from bluff bodies with the Reynolds-stress model.- On the use of turbulence models for the simulation of incompressible viscous flow past airfoils at high-lift static and dynamic incidence.- Stabilization procedures for near-wall full reynolds stress closures in complex 3-D CFD simulations.- Computation of unsteady euler flows with moving boundaries and fluid-structure interactions.- Lagrangian study of chaotic irrotational 2D unsteady flows.- Finite element solution of unsteady viscous flows past multiple airfoils.- Numerical simulations of shock-entropy spot interactions.- Computation of unsteady separated flows over airfoils using a finite element method.- Flow in a curved pipe with moving boundaries.- Shock-vortex capturing method for strongly unsteady flow problems.- Irregular meshes and the propagation of solution errors.- Design optimisation for complex geometries.- Construction of CAD-based unstructured mesh models for 3D Navier-Stokes simulations.- The quadratic reconstruction finite volume scheme: An attractive sequel to linear reconstruction, used on unstructured adaptive meshes.- Reconstruction on unstructured grids using an upwind kinetic method.- Three-dimensional space-marching method on unstructured grid.- Numerical solutions of compressible viscous flows using hierarchical cartesian grid.- 2-D/3-D unstructured grid generators, adaptive Euler/Navier-Stokes solvers and their application to unsteady shocked gas flows analysis.- Compact finite difference-fourier spectral method for 3D incompressible N-S equations and application to vortex dislocations.

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Fifteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Proceedings of the Conference Held in Monterey, CA, USA, 24-28 June 1996
Kartonierter Einband
Springer, Berlin
Physik & Astronomie
Anzahl Seiten
H37mm x B229mm x T156mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1997
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