Fluid Mechanics and the Environment: Dynamical Approaches

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The papers in this volume were written by his students and colleagues to honor Sidney Leibovich, Samuel B. Eckert Professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University, in commemoration of his 60th birthday, 2 April 1999. They were presented at a symposium held at Cornell, 23 and 24 August 1999. Sid obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with honors from The California Institute of Technology in 1961, graduating first in his class. He came to Cornell to work with Geoffrey Ludford on Magnetohydrodynamics, and obtained his Ph.D. in 1965 in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. He spent a year at University College, London as a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, and returned to Cornell as an Assistant Professor. He has been here ever since, and is currently Director of the Sibley School. Since returning to Cornell, Sid has concentrated on rotating fluids and n- linear waves, in various combinations and applications, producing some 3.2 - pers a year with an applied-mathematical bent. In particular this interest led to both Langmuir circulation and vortex breakdown, two areas in which Sid has had enormous influence, and both, of course, examples of rotating fluids interacting with waves. It was impossible to work in this area without being distracted by the study of the nonlinear dispersive and dissipative waves themselves, and Sid has made substantial contributions in this area.

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This book is a collection of papers presented at a symposium held in honor of Sidney Leibovich. Accordingly all papers deal with mathematical or computational aspects of fluid dynamics applied mostly to atmospheric or oceanographic problems. All contributions are research papers having not only specialists but also graduate students in mind.

Point Vortex Models and the Dynamics of Strong Vortices in the Atmosphere and Oceans.- Bubble Disconnection: Self-Similarity and Cascading Physics.- Implicit Multigrid Computation of Unsteady Flows with Applications to Aeroelasticity.- Second-Harmonic Resonance with Parametric Excitation and Damping.- Bubble and Temperature Fields in Langmuir Circulation.- Computing Periodic Orbits.- Dynamics of Layers in Geophysical Flows.- Radiative Transport in Anisotropic Media.- Vortex-Wake Pollution: A Problem in Fluid Mechanics.- Turbulent Bursts in CouetteTaylor Flow.- Surface-Wave Effects on Winds and Currents in Marine Boundary Layers.- Synchronised Behaviour in Three Coupled Faraday Disk Homopolar Dynamos.- Large-Eddy Simulation Using Projection onto Local Basis Functions.- Low-Dimensional Dynamical Model of a Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Compliant Surface: Preliminary Results.- Is High Reynolds Number Turbulence Locally Isotropic?.- Observations and Theories of Langmuir Circulation: A Story of Mixing.- Low Dimensional Models with Varying Parameters: a Model Problem and Flow Through a Diffuser with Variable Angle.- Surfactant Scavenging by Microbubble Clouds: Consequences for Capillary Wave Damping.- A Spectral Domain Decomposition Method and Its Application to the Simulation of Shear-Stratified Turbulence.- Wing Wake Vortices and Temporal Vortex Pair Instabilities.- Laboratory Measurements of the Generation of Langmuir Circulations and Surface Waves.

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Fluid Mechanics and the Environment: Dynamical Approaches
A Collection of Research Papers Written in Commemoration of the 60th Birthday of Sidney Leibovich
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H235mm x B155mm x T22mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2001
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