Fourteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics

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Computational Fluid Dynamics has now grown into a multidisciplinary activity with considerable industrial applications. The papers in this volume bring out the current status and future trends in CFD very effectively. They cover numerical techniques for solving Euler and Navier-Stokes equations and other models of fluid flow, along with a number of papers on applications. Besides the 88 contributed papers by research workers from all over the world, the book also includes 6 invited lectures from distinguished scientists and engineers.

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a multidisciplinary activity with considerable industrial applications. The papers in this volume present the current status and future trends in CFD. They address researchers and engineers.

Aerodynamic applications of Newton- Krylov-Schwarz solvers.- Vortex methods for three-dimensional separated flows.- On wall laws in CFD.- Status of CFD in India.- The development of high quality unstructured grids on parael computers.- Computational methods for aerodynamic design.- A Boltzmann Taylor Galerkin FEM for compressible Euler Equations.- A Boltzmann Taylor Galerkin FEM for compressible Euler equations.- A new second order positivity preserving kinetic schemes for the compressible Euler equations.- A Robust Least Squares Kinetic Upwind Scheme for Euler equations.- Gas-kinetic finite volume methods.- Peculiar velocity based upwind method for inviscid compressible flows.- Discrete Boltzmann equation, for solving rarefied gas problems.- Spurious entropy generation as a mesh quality indicator.- Dynamic mesh adaption for tetrahedral grids.- Extensive analysis and cross-comparisons of past and present numerical formulations for flow problems on unstructured meshes.- A time-accurate multigrid algorithm for Euler equations.- Hypersonic viscous flow computations with solver and grid sensitivity analysis.- Speed-up of CFD codes using analytical FE calculations.- A field method for 3D tetrahedral mesh generation and adaption.- Multigrid Euler solutions with semi-coarsening and local preconditioning.- CAGD techniques in structured grid generation and adaption.- Canonical-variables multigrid method for Euler equations.- Agglomeration multigrid for the Euler equations.- Steady transonic flow computations using overlapping grids.- Surface boundary conditions for the numerical solution of the Euler equations in three dimensions.- The ? - q formulation and boundary condition for incompressible flows in multi-connected region.- Treatment of branch cut lines in the computation of incompressible flows with C-grids.- Concepts on boundary conditions in numerical fluid dynamics.- Far field boundary conditions based on characteristic and bicharacteristic theory applied to transonic flows.- An accurate cubic-spline boundary-integral formulation for two-dimensional free-surface flow problems.- ELAFINT : A computational method for fluid flows with free and moving boundaries.- An implicit spectral solver for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations in complex domains.- Accurate 2D Euler computations by means of a high order discontinuous finite element method.- A higher-order multidimensional upwind solution-adaptive multigrid solver for compressible flows.- On some advances in fluid flow modelling through coupling of Newton method and new implicit PPV schemes.- An improved approximate Riemann solver for hypersonic bidimensional flows.- An implicit Lambda method for 2-D viscous compressible flows.- Numerical methods for simulating supersonic combustion.- Shape optimization governed by the quasi 1D Euler equations using an adjoint method.- Relaxation method for 3-D problems in supersonic aerodynamics.- Virtual zone Navier-Stokes computations for oscillating control surfaces.- The domain decomposition method and compact discretization for the Navier-Stokes equations.- Viscous flow modelling using unstructured meshes for aeronautical applications.- Upwind numerical scheme for a two-fluid two-phase flow model.- A compact formalism to design numerical techniques for three dimensional internal flows.- An implicit-explicit flux vector splitting scheme for hypersonic thermochemical nonequilibrium flows.- Computation of incompressible flows and direct simulation of transition to turbulence.- Incomplete LU decomposition in nodal integral methods for laminar flow.- On turbulent flow in a sudden pipe expansion and its reverse transfer of subgrid-scale energy.- Analysis of 3-D unsteady separated turbulent flow usin a vorticity-based approach and Large-Eddy simulation.- Penalty finite element method for transient free convective laminar flow.- Numerical simulation of three dimensional turbulent underexpanded jets.- Conditioned navier-stokes equations combined with the K-E model for by-pass transitional flows.- Numerical aspects of flow stability in the Veldman boundary layers.- Efficient implementation of turbulence modeling for CFD.- Transition to chaos in impinging three-dimensional axial and radial jets.- Transonic inviscid/turbulent airfoil flow simulations using a pressure based method with high order schemes.- On oscillations due to shock capturing in unsteady flows.- An example of hopf bifurcation and strange attractor in Chebyshev spectral approximations to Burgers equation.- Simulation of the unsteady separated flow around a finite rectangular plate using a free-divergence constraint velocity-vorticity formulation.- Time-space scale effects in numerically computing flowfields and a new approach to numerical flow simulation.- An evaluation of a multi-dimensional FCT algorithm with some higher-order upwind schemes.- Numerical study of unsteady compressibleflows by a shock fitting technique.- Implementation of a nonequilibrium flow solver on a massively parallel computer.- Lagrangian prediction of particulate two-pase flows at high particle loadings.- A numerical method for incompressible viscous flow using pseudo compressibility approach on regular grids.- Tetrahedral spectral elements for CFD.- Computation of unsteady 3D turbulent flow and torque transmission in fluid couplings.- Flow investigation near the point of surface temperature and catalytic properties discontinuity.- Computation of air and fuel droplet flows in S.I. engine manifolds.- Validation of TVD-schemes for unsteady turbomachinery flow.- Numerical simulation of steady and unsteady flows through plane cascades.- Computation of unsteady viscous flows past oscillating airfoils using the CPI method.- Investigation of 3-D shock focusing effects on a massively parallel computer.- The mechanism of entrainment in circular jets.- Numerical computation of critical flow over a weir.- Numerical simulation of natural convection in a cavity of an ellipsoid of revolution, using a spectral finite difference method.- Multielement systems with moving surface boundary-laye control: Analysis and validation.- Prediction of turbulent delta wing vortex flows using an RNG k - ? model.- Evaporative flow in heat pipes.- Numerical study of viscous compressible flow inside planar and axisymmetric nozzles.- Numerical simulation of an air flow past a moving body with/without deformation.- Computation of three dimensional supersonic and hypersonic blunt body flows using high resolution TVD schemes based on Roe's Approximate Riemann Solver.- 3-D KFVS Euler code BHEEMA as aerodynamic design and analysis tool for complex configurations.- Separation analysis of the Pegasus XL from an L-1011 aircraft.- Application of an Euler Code on a modern combat aircraft configuration.- Study on hypersonic finite-rate chemically reacting flows using upwind method.- Study of the erosion of stably stratified medium heated from below.- Advances in Euler and Navier-Stokes methods for helicopter applications.- Numerical simulation of unsteady compressible viscous flow NACA 0012 airfoil vortex interaction.- A numerical study of unsteady flow phenomena in the driven and nozzle sections of shock tunnels.- The dynamics of reacting shear layers adjacent to a wall.- Validation of two 3-D numerical computation codes for the flows in an annular cascade of high turning angle turbine blades.

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Fourteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Proceedings of the Conference Held in Bangalore, India, 11-15 July 1994
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1995
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