Fundamentals of Laser Interactions II

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At this Obergurgl seminar, theoreticians and experimentalists discussed recent developments in laser interactions. This volume contains the texts of invited lectures and abstracts of contributed papers. The main topics discussed are: * multiphoton ionization * above-threshold ionization * collisions in strong fields * atoms in intense fields * chaos in radiative interactions * electron correlations in multiphoton processes * Rydberg atoms in external fields * other laser interactions. Thus a broad and up-to-date account of laser interactions is given which will be of interest to scientists, engineers and graduate students.

Resonance multiphoton ionization under strong fields.- On the Problem of the New structure in multiphoton ionization introduced by short-pulse high intensity lasers.- Resonant multiphoton ionization of xenon and atomic hydrogen in intense sub-ps-laser pulses.- Multiphoton detachment from negative ions.- Multiphoton processes in intense laser fields.- Harmonic generation in rare gases at high laser intensity.- Ionization of atoms by an intense Co2 laser.- Studies of strong-field effects in multiphoton subpicosecond excited plasmas: Soft X-ray fluorescence and propagation.- Theoretical aspects of multiphoton ionization and harmonic generation.- Eigenchannel r-matrix calculation of photoionisation processes in strontium.- Resonant multiphoton excitation of autoionizing rydberg states and planetary atoms.- Electron Correlations in Time and Space.- Correlations in multiply excited atoms.- Strong field coheimce effects in the processes of photoionization from rydberg levels.- Observation of electronic wave packets with short laser pulses.- Many photon absorption in a near-classical regime.- Localization properties of rydberg atoms in the presence of noisy microwave fields.- Diamagnetism of the Hydrogen Atom in the Quasi-Landau-Regime.- Atomic interactions in superintense, high-frequency laser fields.- Photoionization and dissociation of the triatomic hydrogen molecule.- Multiphoton ionisation of xenon with tunable subpicosecond laser pulses.- Role of counter-rotating wave dynamics in near-threshold photoionisation of atomic hydrogen.- Laser-assisted electron-ion recombination and high-frequency generation.- Multiphoton ionization of hydrogen induced by two strong laser fields.- Energy spectrum of photoelectrons produced by picosecond laser induced surface multiphoton photoeffect.- Hydrogen atom in a strong radiation field: Nonperturbative analytic solutions.- Laser excitation of stark-induced resonances.- Two-photon ionisation of rare-gas atoms: An application of the relativistic time-dependent dirac-fock theory.- Diagrammatic perturbation theory for a two-level system in an intense light pulse.- Microwave ionization of alkali rydberg atoms.- Autoionization of large-1 rydberg states.- Fractallike structures and the strongly kicked H-atom.- (e,2e) Collisions in the presence of a laser field.- Atomic deformation and AC-Stark shifts of H under extreme radiation conditions.- Collisional treatment of multiphoton dissociation of small molecules in strong laser fields.- Autoionization of rydberg states in H2 induced by a doubly excited state.- Autoionization and fragmentation of Na2 studied by femtosecond laser pulses.

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Fundamentals of Laser Interactions II
Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting on Laser Phenomena Held at the Bundessportheim in Obergurgl, Austria, 26 February - 4 March 1989
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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H244mm x B170mm x T17mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989
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