Gas Phase Chemical Reaction Systems

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This volume consists of edited papers presented at the International Symposion Gas Phase Chemical Reaction Systems: Experiments and Models 100 Years After Max Bodenslein, held at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH) in Heidelberg during July 25-28, 1995. The intention of this symposion was to bring together leading researchers from the fields of reaction dynamics, kinetics, catalysis and reactive flow model ling to discuss and review the advances in the understanding of chemical kinetics about 100 years after Max Bodenstein's pioneering work on the "hydrogen iodine reaction", which he carried out at the Chemistry Institute of the University of Heidelberg. The idea to focus in his doctoral thesis [1] on this reaction was brought up by his supervisor Victor Meyer (successor of Robert Bunsen at the Chemistry Institute of the University of Heidelberg) and originated from the non reproducible behaviour found by Bunsen and Roscoe in their early photochemical investigations of the H2/Cl2 system [2] and by van't Hoff [3], and V. Meyer and co-workers [4] in their experiments on the slow combustion of H2/02 mixtures.

I Microscopic Dynamics of Elementary Reactions: Experiment.- Femtochemistry and Max Bodenstein's Impact (With 5 Figures).- Laserspectroscopic Studies of Bimolecular Elementary Reaction Dynamics in the Gas Phase (With 7 Figures).- Spectators and Participants in Vibrational State Controlled Bimolecular Reactions (With 6 Figures).- Reaction Product Imaging: The H + HI Reaction (With 6 Figures).- Dynamics at Unimolecular Transition States (With 7 Figures).- The Reactions of Na2 with O2 (With 12 Figures).- Reaction Dynamics of Three-Atom and Four-Atom Systems (With 6 Figures).- II Microscopic Dynamics of Elementary Reactions: Theory.- Die photochemische Bildung des Chlorwasserstoffs Dynamics of Cl + H2 ? HC1 + H on a New Potential Energy Surface: The Photosynthesis of Hydrogen Chloride Revisited 100 Years After Max Bodenstein (With 4 Figures).- Cross Sections and Rate Constants for Triatomic and Tetraatomic Reactions: Three-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Calculations (With 9 Figures).- Mode-Specific Chemistry in the H + HCN and H + N2O Reactions (With 4 Figures).- Dynamics of Chemical Reactions Induced by Cluster Impact (With 10 Figures).- III Investigations of Thermal Kinetics: Experiment.- The Hydrogen-Iodine Reactions: 100 Years Later (With 2 Figures).- Recent Advances in the Measurement of High-Temperature Bimolecular Rate Constants (With 5 Figures).- Kinetics at Ultra-low Temperatures: Non-Arrhenius Behaviour and Applications to the Chemistry of Interstellar Clouds (With 3 Figures).- IV State Specific and Thermal Rates: Theory.- The Influence of Hindered Rotations on Recombination/Dissociation Kinetics (With 6 Figures).- State-to-State Reaction Dynamics of Polyatomic Molecules (With 2 Figures).- Effects of OH Rotation on the CH4 + OH ? CH3 + H2O Reaction (With 2 Figures).- Pathways of Vibrational Relaxation of Diatoms in the Collisions with Atoms: Manifestation of the Ehrenfest Adiabatic Principle (With 2 Figures).- V Heterogeneous Reactions.- Reactions at Surfaces: Bodenstein's Impact and Some Current Aspects (With 5 Figures).- Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Atmosphere (With 4 Figures).- Simulation of Heterogeneous Reaction Systems (With 7 Figures).- Chemical Kinetic Modelling of Hydrocarbon Ignition (With 3 Figures).- VI Modelling of Flow, Turbulence and Complex Chemical Reactions.- Using Direct Numerical Simulation with Detailed Chemistry to Study Turbulent Combustion (With 13 Figures).- Stability of Reaction Fronts (With 6 Figures).- Modelling the Formation of N2O and NO2 in the Thermal De-NOx Process (With 8 Figures).- Simplifying Chemical Kinetics Using Intrinsic Low-Dimensional Manifolds (With 4 Figures).- Index of Contributors.

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Gas Phase Chemical Reaction Systems
Experiments and Models 100 Years After Max Bodenstein Proceedings of an International Symposion, held at the "Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg", Heidelberg, Germany, July 25 - 28, 1995
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1996
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