All-Embracing Manufacturing

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Aiming to reintroduce simplicity into the manufacturing process, the techniques explained in this volume substitute lightning-fast computer decision-making for human and mechanical agency in the production process, thus reducing disruptions and constraints.

All-embracing manufacturing is a system that aims to dissolve the complexity of the manufacturing process and restore the inherent simplicity. It claims that production is very simple and flexible by nature. However, the complexity is a result of the production system approach which makes it rigid and therefore complex.

All-embracing manufacturing introduces flexibility to production planning, it eliminates constraints, bottlenecks, and disruptions automatically while it restores the simplicity. No decision is made ahead of time, but only at the time of execution. It introduces technology as dominant part of manufacturing. It is a computer oriented system that imitates human behavior i.e. practically as any of us behave in daily personal life.

Introduces simplicity to the manufacturing process

Guides the reader step by step by clear definition of objectives, algorithms and examples

Allows the reader to write his own production planning software

1 Introduction1 Introduction1.1 Industrial Management 2 All-Embracing Manufacturing Technology 2.1 Human Emulation Examples 2.2 System Notions 2.3 All-Embracing Technology Concepts 3 All-Embracing Technology System Architecture 3.1 Basic System Files 3.2 Master Management: Management Information Generator3.3 Production 4 Summary 2 Process Planning: Routing1 Introduction2 First Stage: Process Planning 2.1 Stage 1 Example3 Second Stage: Transformation 3.1 Preliminary Resource Selection 3.2 Operation Transformation 3.3 Computational Method 4 Stage 3: Routing Generator 4.1 Definition of the Combinatorial Problem 4.2 General Matrix Solution 5 Conclusion3 Production Module1 Introduction1.1 Traditional Approach 2 Production Management Strategy: Roadmap Manufacturing 2.1 Roadmap Notions 2.2 Production Planning 2.3 Stock Allocation Priority 2.4 Stock Allocation Method 2.5 Adjust Quantities 2.6 Capacity Planning: Resource Loading 2.7 Job Release for Execution 3 Shop Floor Control 3.1 Concept and Terminology 3.2 Algorithm and Terminology 3.3 Summary 4 Production Planning: Demonstration1 Introduction1.1 The Scenario 2 The Planning Steps 2.1 Determination of Stock Allocation Priorities2.2 Stock Allocation 2.3 Capacity Planning: Resource Loading 2.4 Job Release for Execution 2.5 Shop Floor Control 5 Product Specifications and Design 1 Introduction 1.1 Product Design: Engineering Design 1.2 Design Goals: Task Specifications 1.3 Product Specifications Methods 1.4 Master Product Design System: Concept Design 1.5 Master Design System: Detail Design 1.6 Summary 6 Detail Design1 Introduction1.1 Assembly Steps2 Assembly-Oriented Planning 2.1 Manual Assembly 2.2 Automatic Assembly2.3 Robotic Assembly 2.4 Hybrid Automatic-Manual Assembly3 Design Constraints for Assembly 3.1 Design Rules 3.2 Orientation 3.3 Fastening 4 Component Design for Placement4.1 Component Which is Nearly Identical on Both Sides4.2 Headed Fasteners 4.3 Components Design for Placement 5 Summary 7 Management Decision Support System1 Introduction2 Plant Performance Measurement 2.1 Resource Suitability to Products 2.2 Production Planning Performance Level2.3 Shop Floor Performance Level 3 Resource Planning 3.1 Resource Recommendation Module 4 Maximum Profit Criterion of Process Planning Optimization 5 Determining a Process for Maximum Profit 5.1 First Stage 5.2 Second Stage 5.3 Third Stage 5.4 Testing the Algorithm5.5 Summary of Maximum Profit 6 Determining Delivery Date and Cost6.1 Generating Alternatives of Cost: Delivery Date: New Order6.2 Summary 6.3 Chapter Summary Index

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All-Embracing Manufacturing
Roadmap System
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