Deformation and Flow of Polymeric Materials

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Kartonierter Einband


This book describes the properties of single polymer molecules and polymeric materials and the methods how to characterize them. Molar masses, molar mass distributions and branching structure are discussed in detail. These properties are decisive for a deeper understanding of structure/properties relationships of polymeric materials. This book therefore describes and discusses them in detail. The mechanical behavior as a function of time and temperature is a key subject of the book. The authors present it on the basis of many original results they have obtained in their long research careers. They present the temperature dependence of mechanical properties of various polymeric materials in a wide temperature range: from cryogenic temperatures to the melt. Besides an extensive data collection on the transitions of various different polymeric materials, they also carefully present the physical explanations of the observed phenomena. Glass transition and melting temperatures are discussed, particularly, with their relevance for applications.

A comprehensive part of the book deals with properties of polymers in the molten state and their decisive influence on the processing of the materials. The book presents and discusses viscous and elastic properties in detail as a function of molar mass, polydispersity, and branching.

This book addresses students of polymer and materials science, as well as other natural sciences. Besides this educational value, it will also serve as a valuable monograph for everyone dealing with polymers and polymeric materials, from research, over development, to applications.

First comprehensive treatment of the topic

Authors include a lot of material they have obtained in their longstanding career in polymer and material science

Describes structure-property relationships of polymers and how to determine them in wide temperature ranges

This monograph is also useful for graduate students in material science, polymer science, chemistry and physics

From the Contents: Introduction.- Physical Structure of Macromolecules.- Experimental Methods to Determine Molecular Quantities.- Structure and States of Polymers.- Linear Viscoelastic Deformation Behavior in Simple Shear.- Time-Temperature Shift of Mechanical Properties.- Linear Viscoelastic Deformation under Three-Dimensional Stresses.- Fundamentals of the Rheology of Large Deformations.- Large Deformations of Polymers.- Rheological Equations of State.-Shear Rheology.- Extensional Rheology.- Rheological Properties and Molecular Structure.- Thermorheological Behavior of Various Polymer Melts.- Rheometry.- Measurements of Flow Fields of Polymer Melts by Laser-Doppler Velocimetry.- Rheological Properties and Processing.

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Deformation and Flow of Polymeric Materials
Kartonierter Einband
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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