Human and Organisational Factors

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This open access book addresses several questions regarding the implementation of human and organisational factors (HOF) so that recent improvements in industrial safety can be built upon. It addresses sources of frustration in senior management with high expectations of operational recommendations and disquiet on the part of HOF specialists struggling to have an impact on high-level decision making. The brief explores these issues with an emphasis on examples and lessons learned based on the experience of its authors, who come from different academic disciplines and various industrial sectors such as oil and gas, energy and transportation. It then offers some ways forward for a better consideration of HOF in hazardous companies with a view of promoting safety and facing challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Provides international viewpoints by leading researchers from various disciplines

Based on the practical experience of their authors

Analyses the structure of HOF within high-risk companies, and the role and posture of HOF experts, highlighting the difficulties they face and providing ways forward to overcome them

Foreword.- 1. What is the Place of Human and Organisational Factors in Safety?, by Claude Gilbert.- 2. Accounting for Differing Perspectives and Values: the Rail Industry, by Brendan Ryan.- 3. Safety Leadership and Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) Where do We Go from Here?, by Kathryn Mearns.- 4. Considering Human and Organizational Factors in Risk Industries:, by Christian Neveu, Valérie Lagrange, Philipe Noël, and Nicolas Herchin.- 5. The Key Drivers to Setting Up a Valuable and Sustainable HOF Approach in a High-Risk Company such as Airbus, by Florence Reuzeau.- 6. Developing Human and Organizational Factors in a Company, by François Daniellou.- 7. Organisational Factors, the Last Frontier?, by Ivan Boissières.- 8. Risk Management and Judicialization, by Caroline Lacroix.- 9. Integrating Organizational and Management Variables in the Analysis of Safety and Risk, by Paul Schulman.- 10. Turning the Management of Safety Risk into a Business Function: the Challenge for Industrial Sociotechnical Systems in the 21st Century, by Daniel Mauriño.- 11. The Strategic Agility Gap: How Organizations are Slow and Stale to Adapt in Turbulent Worlds, by David Woods.- 12. The Languages of Safety, by Hervé Laroche.- 13. The Dual face of HOF in High-Risk Organizations, by Corinne Bieder.- 14. Human and Organisational Factors: Fad or not Fad?, by Jean-Christophe Le Coze.- 15. Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Levers to Promote Human and Organizational Factors (HOF) Influence in High-Risk Industries, by Benoît Journé.- 16. HOF: Adjusting the Rule-Based Safety/Managed Safety Balance and Keeping Pace with a Changing Reality, by Caroline Kamaté.

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Human and Organisational Factors
Practices and Strategies for a Changing World
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Springer, Berlin
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H9mm x B10mm x T156mm
1st ed. 2020
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