Industrial and Environmental Applications of Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation

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This book provides a unique assembly of state-of-the-art articles concerned with a wide range of fundamental and applied issues, including turbulence parameterization, numerical uncertainty, complex turbulence, flow-structure interactions, atmosphere-ocean turbulence and turmachinery flows. The articles provide specific examples of the most recent applications of direct and large eddies methods. These methods have been very successful in providing new insight into the structure of turbulent flows and are becoming feasable in real engineering and environmental problems with complex geometries. This volume will be a very valuable source book for researchers and graduate students embarking on studies in turbulent flow simulation.

Direct and large-eddy simulation of environmental flows: Some recent advances.- Application of large-eddy simulation for trailing-edge noise prediction.- Insights for LES from structure-based turubulence modeling.- Large-eddy simulation of separation and transition for turbomachinery flows.- Symmetry-preserving discretisation for direct numerical simulation of turbulence.- Direct and large-eddy simulation of a transitional flow over a backward-facing step with boundary layer manipulations.- Aircraft wake vortices in the atmosphere.- Output bound approximations for partial differential equations; application to the incompressible navier-stokes equations.- Large-eddy simulations of incompressible and subsonic shear flows.- Dynamic DNS of flow-structure interaction problems.- Active control of turbulent boundary layers for drag reduction.- Large-eddy simulation of the flow over a matrix of surface-mounted cubes.- A study of built-in filter for some eddy viscosity models in large-eddy simulation.- Large eddy simulation of high reynolds number circular cylinder flow.- Numerical simulation of atmospheric turbulence.- Mixing by nonvertical, uniform shear in a stably stratified environment.- Scaling in wall-bounded shear turbulence.- Applications of the nonlinear galerkin methods to some flow problems.- Shallow water model for the bosphorus current.- A DNS study of structure and stability properties of intrusion fronts.- LES of turbulence and turbulent combustion: Advances and theoretical limitations.- Nonlinear stability of the compressible attachment-line boundary layer.- DNS/LES of turbulent flow in a square duct: A priori evaluation of subgrid models.

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Industrial and Environmental Applications of Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation
Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Istanbul, Turkey, 5-7 August 1998
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Springer, Berlin
Physik & Astronomie
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H18mm x B239mm x T171mm
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1999
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