Navigating Differences

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Navigating Differences: Friendships Between Gay and Straight Men is a one-of-a-kind cross-sexual study that shows you how today's gay and straight men build, maintain, and foster true friendships. In this activist, participatory study, you'll get a day-in-the-life look at 44 pairs of cross-sexual men's friendships and see what helps them negotiate the terrain of their emotional, sexual, psychological, and social differences in today's climate of often publicly defended homophobia and heterosexism.Navigating Differences succeeds in bringing the true picture of cross-sexual men's relationships to you, regardless of your personal orientation or political affiliation. You'll find information--straight from the lives of the study's participants--that shows you how different sexual orientations impact the way men spend time together, maintain friendships, cope with sexual struggles, and open good communication channels. Most importantly, you'll get detailed facts and feedback concerning: hegemonic masculinity embracing, struggling with, and ignoring differences group demographic characteristics embeddedness and emotional communication outness in-groups, out-groups, and reference groupsHearsay and prejudice might claim to know what gay and straight men think of each other, but Navigating Differences replaces rumors with research and shows you what really keeps gay and straight men in lasting friendships in all arenas of life. You'll learn firsthand what it takes to overcome differences and what it means to turn difference into meaningful relationships.

Contents Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter I. Literature Review Men's Friendships Men and Emotions Gender Men Doing Gender ChapterII. Methods Data Collection Data Analysis Group Demographic Characteristics ChapterIII. Embracing Differences Time Together Embeddedness Emotional Communication Sexual Challenges Conclusion ChapterIV. Ignoring Differences Time Together Embeddedness Emotional Communication Sexual Challenges Conclusion ChapterV. Struggling with Differences Time Together Embeddedness Emotional Communication Sexual Challenges Conclusion ChapterVI. Power, Difference, and Multiplicity Gender Enactment Taking the Role of “Different” Other Additional Explanations Integrating Sexuality and Gender Conclusion ChapterVII. Methodological Reflections Sample Limitations Researcher/Participant Dynamics Impact on Men's Lives ChapterVIII. Conclusions: Activism as an Unintended Consequence of Value-Committed Research Influence of Activism on Research Getting Started Shifting the Position of Power Conclusion Appendix A: Interview Guide for Gay Men Appendix B: Interview Guide for Straight Men Appendix C: Informed Consent Appendix D: Transcription Confidentiality Notes References Index

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Navigating Differences
Friendships Between Gay and Straight Men
Fester Einband
Taylor & Francis Inc
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