Shopping for Windows 101

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Jay Johnson dubbed himself as the, "Doing It Right Guy," because he believes in doing something right the first time.

His philosophy is, "One never stops learning and help others when you can," which is why he also likes writing books that help people do things more effectively, efficiently, and safely because it is the perfect platform to learn more by having an open mind, along with having the willingness to teach others that are eager to learn.

He has a diverse background that has allowed to pass on pertinent and useful information to the people he comes in contact with. Some of the industries he has been in are law enforcement and asset protection. He also owned a martial arts school and is an EMT certified, rescue diver certified, and has been an advisor in the window and door industry since 2001.

His research and informational books on windows and doors have taken him to Germany, Canada, and multiple facilities in the United States that pertain to windows, doors, glass, and sound testing.

He has consulted for more than 10,000 window and door clients and has done public speaking and training seminars on windows and doors.
As of 2019, he has been a consultant to the Chicago Tribune for articles on windows.

Jay Johnson is also the author of two other books, Situational Awareness 101: Because What You Don't Know "Can" Hurt You and Beginners Guide to Gun Ownership: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Beginners Errors.


Hi, my name is Jay Johnson and I've been a consultant in the window and door industry since 2001. My personal research has taken me to multiple facilities within the United States, Germany, and Canada, such as glass manufacturers, sound testing labs, bay/bow shell manufacturers, and window and door manufacturers.
I've published 3 books on windows and doors teaching homeowners how to get specific and relevant information they need to make a fair comparison and an educated decision on windows.
(If) you know exactly what to look for and what to ask choosing a window company is easy. Gathering tons of information and sitting through long presentations are useless unless you know what's relevant and why.
My latest book "Shopping for Windows 101" is designed to do the following;
How to pick select window companies (in advance) so you're not wasting time with ones you wouldn't do business with anyway.
What to look for in a warranty and why.
How to know in what order each company should be priced.
How to turn a long worthless presentation into a shorter meaningful one!
How to control the presentation so it benefits (you)!
Relevant questions (you) need to ask and why!
What (you) need to look for on windows and why!
How to know which companies truly have the best windows based on facts, not assumptions!
Most importantly save you time, money, and frustration!

Remember, "Sometimes you have to be willing to prove yourself wrong to see if you are actually right" Jay Johnson

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Shopping for Windows 101
Also Includes Over 100 Educational Videos to Watch
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