Nonequilibrium Nondissipative Thermodynamics

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Fester Einband
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This book introduces a new and successful concept for thermodynamics: nonequilibrium phase diagrams. This concept has been successfully applied to diamond synthesis. The book goes on to demonstrate how these diagrams lead to a complete new systematization of modern thermodynamics.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. " For the last 30 years or so, activated low pressure diamond synthesis has been regarded as "mysterious" or a "thermodynamic paradox" perhaps "violating the second law of thermodynamics". A new field of thermodynamics, nonequilibrium nondissipative thermodynamics - has recently arisen from the puzzle. For complex systems including nonspontaneous reaction(s), the basic clas sification of equilibrium thermodynamics and nonequilibrium thermodynam ics on the basis of the second law of thermodynamics has to be changed or overthrown. Maybe we should also cite another statement of Albert Ein stein: "A theory is more impressive the greater the simplicity of its premises is, the more different kinds of things it relates, and the more extended its area of applicability. Therefore the deep impression which classical thermo dynamics made upon me. It is the only physical theory of universal content concerning which I am convinced that, within the framework of the appli cability of its basic concepts, it will never be overthrown. " and it might be that classical thermodynamics would never be overthrown. However, thought Einstein said, "it will never be overthrown" only "within the framework of the application of its basic concepts". This means that outside "the frame work of the application of its basic concepts" some basic points of view from classical thermodynamics might be overthrown or changed.

This book describes a complete new systematization of thermodynamics based on nonequilibrium phase diagrams

This book provides a framework for analysing complex systems for which classical thermodynamics is often not applicable. Since the success of the activated process in 1970, diamond growth with simultaneous graphite etching under low pressure has often been regarded as a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. A series of nonequilibrium phase diagrams, which agree excellently with the activated diamond experi- ments, have been calculated by the author and his coworkers on the basis of reaction coupling. The book goes on to de- monstrate how these lead to a complete new systematization of modern thermodynamics.

1. Classical Thermodynamics.- 2. Fundamentals of Modern Thermodynamics.- 3. High-Pressure Synthesis and Low-Pressure Vapor Growth of Diamond Seeds.- 4. Activated Low-Pressure Diamond Growth from the Vapor Phase.- 5. Reaction Coupling Model.- 6. Nonequilibrium Phase Diagrams of C-H, C-O and Other Binary Systems.- 7. Nonequilibrium Phase Diagrams of C-H-O and Other Ternary Systems.- 8. Further Discussions on Some Debates.- 9. Other Applications and Summary.- References.

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Nonequilibrium Nondissipative Thermodynamics
With Application to Low-Pressure Diamond Synthesis
Fester Einband
Springer, Berlin
Physik & Astronomie
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