Transformational Change

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John Spender didn't learn how to read and write at a basic level until he was 10 years old. He has since traveled the world started many businesses leading him to create the award-winning book series A Journey Of Riches, he is an Award Winning International Speaker and Movie Maker. John was an international NLP trainer and has coached thousands of people from various backgrounds through all sorts of challenges. From the borderline homeless to very wealthy individuals, he has helped many people to get in touch with their truth to create a life on their terms.
John's search for answers to living a fulfilling life has taken him to work with Native American Indians in the Hills of San Diego, the forests of Madagascar, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, exploring the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Great Wall of China. He's traveled from Chile to Slovakia, Hungary to the Solomon Islands, the mountains of Italy and the streets of Mexico. Everywhere his journey has taken him, John has discovered a hunger among people to find a new way to live, with a yearning for freedom.
He also co-wrote the script for the film 'Adversity and interviewed all the guests.


A Journey of Riches, Transformational Change is the 12th book in John Spender's life-changing series. Transformational Change is an anthology of 11 short stories which can help the reader, as one author so eloquently writes, find the light in their darkness, the victories in their defeats, and the clarity in their confusion. The stories in this book can indeed inspire you to transform your life. You only have to read and begin to believe.
A Journey of Riches: Transformational Change Like the other works in this fantastic series, Transformational Change contains a collection of stories written by real people who overcame significant obstacles in their lives and now lead amazingly successful lives. In this anthology, each author shares their personal story with you.
Regardless of whatever you're currently facing in your life, there's a plethora of tools and tactics you can use to overcome any situation and make your life richer.
Among the powerful insights contained in this life-changing book are:
Read how John Hanna went from blindly running from his fears to running a multi-million dollar business.
JoJo Bennington describes how she survived a term in prison and went on to become a successful seven-figure network marketer.
In a third tale, Tracy Sotirakis relates how she overcame a debilitating problem with shyness and went on to travel, speak on stages, and work on film sets.
Read the soul-healing tale of Kim Joss, who survives her battle with breast cancer to become an inspiration to her family and everyone she meets.

How to move to another country when you don't know the language. And much more!
Each story openly describes the author's struggle to overcome, to change, to grow and to succeed. And, each story will leave readers with newfound understanding and wisdom, and the realization that, you too, can overcome your obstacles … and succeed.
Praise for A Journey of Riches series:
"A Journey of Riches Series is a must read. It is an empowering collection of inspirational and moving stories full of courage, strength, and heart. Bringing peace & awareness to those lucky enough to read to assist and inspire them on their life journey."

Gemma Castiglia, Avalon Healing, Best Selling Author.
"A must-read for anyone facing major changes or challenges in life right now. This book will give you the courage to move through any challenge with confidence, grace, and ease." ~ Jo-Anne Irwin, Transformational Coach & Bestselling Author.
"Transformational Change, the newest release in the Journey of Riches series, is the reflection of beautiful souls who have discovered the fire within. Each story takes you inside the truth of what truly matters in life. While reading these stories, my heart space expanded to understand that our greatest contribution in this lifetime is to give and receive love. May you also feel inspired as you read this book." ~Katie Neubaum, Author of Transformation Calling.
"A Journey of Riches series will draw you in and help you dig deep into your soul. Every author has an unbelievable life story of purpose inside of them. John Spender is dedicated to bringing peace, love, and adventure to the world of his readers! Dive into this series, and you will be transformed!!"

~ Jeana Matichak, Author of Finding Peace.
Contributing Authors in this volume: John Spender, John Hanna, JoJo Bennington, Tracy Sotirakis, Tom Wind, Mia Tolis, Stephen Smith, Kim Joss, Elli Petrovska, Sandy Escabi, Nikki Galagher.
A Journey of Riches: Transformational Change, If you're curious about what it takes to transform your life, then you need to get your hands on this book now!
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Transformational Change
A Journey Of Riches
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