Elites and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century

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Decolonization changed the spatial order of the globe, the imagination of men and women around the world and established images of the globe. Both individuals and social groups shaped decolonization itself: this volume puts agency squarely at the centre of debate by looking at elites and leaders who changed the course of history across the world.


MICHAEL BOLLIG Professor of Ethnology, the University of Cologne, Germany JUDITH BROWN Beit Professor of Commonwealth History, University of Oxford, UK FREDERICK COOPER Professor of History, New York University, USA JOST DÜLFFER Professor of International History and of Peace and Conflict Studies in History, University of Cologne, Germany ANDREAD ECKERT Professor of African History, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany MARC FREY Helmut Schmidt Chair of International History, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany ANDREAS HILGER Post-doctoral Fellow at the Helmut Schmidt University of the German Armed Forces, Hamburg, Germany PAUL H. KRATOSKA Managing Director of NUS Press, National University of Singapore. J. THOMAS LINDBLAD Associate Professor of Indonesian History, Leiden University, the Netherlands MAIRI MACDONALD Doctoral Graduate in History, the University of Toronto, Canada CHRISTOPH MARX Professor of Non-European History, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany ESTHER MOELLER Research Fellow, Institute for European History, University of Mainz, Germany MARTIN THOMAS Professor of Colonial History, University of Exeter, UK CORINNA R. UNGER Professor of European History, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Abbreviations Introduction Intelligence Providers and the Fabric of the Late Colonial State; M.Thomas Southeast Asian Elites and the Construction of the 'Nation'; P.Kratoska Dutch Elites and the End of Empire in Indonesia; M.Frey Emerging Business Elites in Newly Independent Indonesia; J.T.Lindblad Elites as the Least Common Denominator: The Ambivalent Place of French Schools in Lebanon in the Process of Decolonization; E.Möller Alternatives to Nationalism: The Political Imagination of Elites in French West Africa, 1945-1960; F.Cooper Verwoerdian Apartheid and African Political Elites in South Africa, 1950-1968; C.Marx Chieftaincies and Chiefs in Northern Namibia: Intermediaries of Power between Traditionalism, Modernisation and Democratisation; M.Bollig Nehru - the Dilemmas of a Colonial Inheritance; J.Brown Sekou Touré and the Management of Elites in Guinea; M.S.MacDonald Julius Nyerere and the Project of African Socialism; A.Eckert The United States, Decolonization and the Education of Third World elites; C.Unger The Soviet Union and the Socialist camp: Elite formation for the Third World; A.Hilger Notes Bibliography Index

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Elites and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century
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