Al-Si Alloys Casts by Die Casting

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This book presents a study on the influence of selected technological parameters of die casting upon strength and use properties of Al-Si alloy casts produced in die casting. It contains a theoretical part describing the principles of casting technology, and its practical part revolves around the relationship between selected technological parameters of die casting in regard to strength and use properties represented by tensile strength and porosity of die casts.

Presents the state-of the art of casting of metals

Chapter on properties of alloys at crystallization interval

Juraj Rubarský is an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, since 2011. He started as an assistant professor and now he is an associate professor. His field of research lies in the following areas: Manufacturing technologies, automobile production, agricultural engineering, technology of industry, die casting technology, special tools, metal physics, Stainless and heat resistant materials, manufacturing technology in the food industry, operational and technological processes, coating technology, plastics processing technology, technical systems for production control and manufacturing technology. He is member of the editorial board of management systems in Production Engineering, the reviewer projects for the agency of the Ministry of Education, member of the organizing and scientific committee of the Conference New Trends in use of production techniques, members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference Technoforum 2015 and member of Czech Chemical Society.



1. Current State of the Art

1.1.Die Casting of Metals

1.2.Characteristics of Die Casting of Metals

1.3.Basic Methods of Die Casting of Metals

1.3.1.Hot-chamber Machines

1.3.2.Cold-Chamber Machines

1.4.Special Methods of Die Casting of Metals

1.5.Basic Construction Elements of Die Casting Machines Designed for Metal Die Casting

1.5.1.Machine Drive

1.5.2.Locking Mechanism of a Machine

1.5.3.Pressing Mechanism

1.6.Machine Auxiliary Equipment

1.6.1.Dosing Device

1.6.2.Cast Unloading Device

1.6.3.Mould Treatment Device

1.6.4.Trimming Press

1.6.5.Device for Auxiliary Heating of Working Fluid

1.7.Process of Die Casting of Metals

1.7.1.Metal Flowing

1.8.Mould Cavity Filling

1.9.Technological Parameters of Die Casting of Metals

1.9.1.Pressing Speed

1.9.2.Working Pressure

1.9.3.Time of Mould Cavity Filling

1.9.4.Heat Ratio in Die Casting of Metals

1.10.Moulds for Die Casting of Metals

1.10.1.Gating System

1.10.2.Mould Venting

1.11.Casts in Die Casting

1.11.1.Technological Properties of Casts

1.11.2.Use Properties of Casts

1.11.3.Cast Defects

1.12.Properties of Alloys at Crystallization Interval

1.13.Aluminium Alloys for Die Casting


1.13.2.Al-Si Alloys

1.13.3.Additive Elements and their Influence on Al-Si Alloys

1.14.Returnable Material

2. Analysis of the Production Process

3. Characteristics of the Cast Testing Sample

4. Characteristics of Technological Parameters

4.1.Pressing Speed

4.2.Working Pressure

4.3.Temperature of the Melt and of the Mould

5.Cast Testing

5.1.Examined Strength Properties of the Casts

5.2.Examined Use Properties of the Casts

6.Characteristics of a Production Process

7.Characteristics of the Cast

8.Technological Parameters of Die Casting

9.Assessment of Tensile Strength Rm

10.Assessment of Cast Porosity

11. Perspectives

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Al-Si Alloys Casts by Die Casting
A Case Study
Kartonierter Einband
Springer International Publishing
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H235mm x B155mm x T4mm
1st ed. 2019
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