Arabic Character Writing For Dummies

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Learn to write in Arabic In Arabic, there are different levels of language. The written language, which is studied in this book, is literary Arabic, sometimes also called classical Arabic or even modern or standard Arabic. It is the language of the Quran, classical poetry, literature and the media. The Arabic plume consists of 28 consonants and three long vowels. Each consonant is accompanied by a vowel which is placed above or below the consonant. Arabic speakers are in great demand in the United States, due to the country's political commitments to the Middle East, but only 25 percent of non-native speakers know the language in enough detail to function as translators, interpreters, analysts, or field agents. Arabic Character Writing For Dummies helps you write this language clearly and correctly. * Learn to write the Arabic alphabet * Find free instructional videos, flashcards, and printable writing pages online * Build upon your mastery of the language * Get ahead at work or in your personal life Arabic Character Writing For Dummies is designed for beginners, students, and lifelong learners wishing to write in Arabic.

Keith Massey, PhD, studied biblical Hebrew and Arabic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After 9/11, he worked as an Arabic linguist for the National Security Agency. He now teaches Latin in New Jersey. Damiene Ferré holds a degree in Arabic from the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris.

Practice your way to writing all 28 ARABIC CHARACTERS with detailed instructions and plenty of space to practice Learn to write the Arabic alphabet! Arabic is the native language of more than 221 million people worldwide, and the liturgical language of Islam. As our world becomes more interconnected, Arabic speakers are in great demand, and the language can be challenging to master. This book is the place to start! You'll learn the 28 characters of the Arabic alphabet plus other vital symbols used in the written language, discover how shapes change for different meanings, and become an expert on when to connect the letters. With practice, you'll master an exciting new skill. Inside... * Write all 28 characters * Recognize where different shapes of letters are used * Grasp one- and two-directional connectors * Learn independent, initial, medial, and final forms * Practice writing common words and phrases

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Arabic Character Writing For Dummies
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