The Great Hood Charmer

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Kartonierter Einband



The Great Park Charmer

This book is a collection of spectacular and extravagant tales of adventurous urban fantasies above and beyond the average imagination. Designed to entertain a mature audience of open-minded readers. The storylines within defies belief to some point one might think the impossible has climb over the incredible inventing a new adventure for adventurous readers.

Not In My Hood Gee is a intelligent teenager tailor-made for the hard-knock street life. By accident creates a cure-drug once used can eliminate every illegal drug addiction in the neighborhood. He tests his street connections attempting to manipulate the drug trade by switching the cure-drug for the real drugs. Who can Gee trust to stop the multi-billion dollar drug business?

Our Deadly Ancestors K-Rhyme is a wealthy, educated hip-hop artist. Only he's impersonating the ignorant rapper type. Secretly he's obsessed with the truth behind a legend on four murdered slaves who return from the grave to bring death to anyone who disrespects African American pride or acts ignorant anywhere near their gravesites. To determine if the legend is true K-Rhyme takes his foul mouth, disrespectful entourage of strippers and gangsters to vacation on the cursed camping grounds.

The Sky Blue Elie is a racist, unattractive, overweight white male. He wishes to possess someone else's body. While on vacation he finds a powerful ring that transforms him into either a woman or back into a man after having a sexual orgasm. However, after transforming into a different body he experiences every form of prejudices he applied to others. Elie can only return to his original self once he learns to love and appreciate the body he once owned along with helping others to love themselves.

Lost In The Wind Fall In the year of 2009 on a college campus two racist males campaign stereotypes of each others race. One is African American the other a White American. In the present day the two students battle over racial supremacy unaware at night they take part in the same dreams as the youngest of four slave brothers. On their father's plantation secretly they search for treasures, proof ghost doesn't exist, plus their freedom. Once the two college students find their true identity no one will believe the shocking outcome.

Daylo's Plan Taught as a child on a slave ship to skillfully master the high seas. A slave child named Daylo grows into adulthood. After inheriting a slave ship Daylo utilizes the ship to pirate other slave ships. However, after being shipwreck Daylo finds refuge in an African village. He discovers love and romance beyond his imagination. Once building a new ship Daylo with crew continues his crusade over slavery and injustices everywhere.

My Love My Murder After she witnessed and later testified against a cold-blooded killer who murdered her mother and two siblings the young woman is placed in Protective Custody. After years on the run and escaping a $50,000 hit she now enjoys her new hometown. One day she meets the man of her dreams. Nevertheless, her knight in shinny armor has been on the run also. A murderous relay of deceit with hurtles of humiliation at every turn. Together they race from something that might have them both sharing a grave at the finish line.

It's Deeper Than That The bullies and troublemakers in Mythville are in for it this time. As a corrupt detective plots to do away with gangster-drug-dealers in his town with the help of a dead preacher's ghost. However a 16-year-old suffering from the lack of medicine insist his parents are a hit-man team behind the murders. Then again he claims to be the dead preacher's ghost.

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The Great Hood Charmer
A Unique Difference in Storytelling
Kartonierter Einband
Outskirts Press
Romane & Erzählungen
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H229mm x B152mm x T16mm
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