Renal Pharmacotherapy

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To promote effectiveness and minimize possible toxicity, the dosage of certain medications must be adjusted in persons with compromised kidney function. Failure to enjoin appropriate dosage adjustments in patients with abnormal or rapidly changing kidney function continues to lead to reports of drug toxicity involving a broad array of renally eliminated medications.
This updated edition captures nearly 200 new drugs that have been approved by the FDA since the initial publication of Renal Pharmacotherapy. It also covers new evidence that has emerged regarding the need to adjust dosage of certain older medications that are eliminated by the kidneys. Additionally, it presents new data that are being continuously derived in the areas of patient-specific dose individualization for drugs of all types.
Comprehensive, convenient, and evidence-based, this reference closes several identified knowledge gaps and will continue to be the leading collection of dosage recommendations for patients with compromised kidney function.

Renal Pharmacotherapy is a comprehensive and evidence-based listing of dosage recommendations for patients with compromised renal function

This updated edition closes several identified knowledge gaps concerning medications eliminated by the kidneys

Nephrologists and a broad range of health professionals will be interested in this reference


Larry K. Golightly, PharmD

Clinical Research Pharmacist

University of Colorado Hospital

Aurora, CO 80045


A: Acamprosate to Aztreonam

B: Bacitracin to Butorphanol

C: Capecitabine to Cycloserine

D: Dabigatran to Dyphylline

E: Edetate Calcium Disodium to Exenatide

F: Famciclovir to Fosfomycin

G: Gabapentin to Glyburide

H: Hetastarch to Hydroxyurea

I: Ibandronate to Itraconazole

K: Kanamycin to Ketorolac

L: Lacosamide to Lurasidone

M: Magnesium Citrate to Mycophenolate Mofetil

N: Nabumetone to Norfloxacin

O: Ofloxacin to Oxcarbazepine

P: Paliperidone to Pyridostigmine

Q: Quinapril to Quinine

R: Ramipril to Ruxolitinib

S: Salsalate to Sunitinib

T: Tadalafil to Trospium

V: Valacyclovir to Voriconazole

Z: Zalcitabine to Zonisamide

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Renal Pharmacotherapy
Dosage Adjustment of Medications Eliminated by the Kidneys
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