Star Death

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Leo Emmanuel Lochard is a writer and author interested in helping all individuals from all people groups understand the depth and breadth of God's love in Christ Jesus for humanity. With an open mind and a willing heart, all human beings can develop a beneficent comprehension of the Biblical message, the gospel of love and peace that is the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. This gospel has been graciously bestowed upon us by our merciful Creator, Almighty God, who is the only Author of all our inalienable human rights and civil rights on this little planet and in the whole universe, all of which as universal ""self-evident truths"" that no mortal can ever take away or destroy! For God is ""not the author of confusion,"" but rather a good God all the time; his loving kindness is worthy to be praised! Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Star Death is a science-based fiction book depicting "sun death" as revealed by the Prophets and as depicted by the Apostle Peter in the Holy Bible. It also parallels scientific estimations of solar entropy as forecast by major astrophysicists who have pushed Relativity Theory to its applicable limits.
This book, based on real scientific theorization, is fresh in perspective and presents the laws of thermodynamics in a way never entertained before. The sun, reacting to inputs from the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, must therefore "negotiate" the "tugs of entropy"; it stretches its electromagnetic curtain to envelop the whole heliosphere into tumultuous radiation eruptions that extend even to the outer periphery of the solar system. Jupiter, Mercury, and the Earth convulse under tremendous pressures that impinge upon their mass and magnetic fields, respectively, to produce turbulence and perturbations uprooting the relative tranquility of the solar system.
On the Earth, there is life, human life. Gravi-metric processes become chaotic and erratic so as to disrupt the daily routine of productive life. With impending "star death" came the imperative necessity to create a permanent, safe, space habitation for the human family. As "sun death" affected the whole human species, countries undertook to cooperate internationally in order to alleviate human suffering in the light of the possible extinction of the family of Man.
Author Biographical Information:
Leo Emmanuel Lochard is a secondary school teacher with two degrees in political science.

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Star Death
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