I Love You More Workbook for Men

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#1 New York Times bestselling authors Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott are psychologists and founders of the game-changing online assessments:  SYMBIS.com,  BetterLove.com, and Yada.com.  Their best-selling books include Love Talk, The Good Fight, Crazy Good Sex, and the award-winning Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. Their work has been featured in the New York Times and USA Today and on CNN, Good Morning America, the Today ShowThe View, and OprahLesAndLeslie.com


Companion workbook to I Love You More.


The I Love You More Workbook for Men will help you personalize the discoveries you make in I Love You More and then turn them into practical action. As you convert principles into hands-on application to meet the unique needs of your marriage, you truly will grow to love each other more knowledgeably, more effectively, and more deeply. EXERCISES AND ASSESSMENTS Twenty-one exercises furnish you with vital insights, guidance, and tools for applying the principles you’ll encounter in the book and DVD. You can turn your marriage’s prickly issues into opportunities to love each other more as you learn how to: - build intimacy while respecting personal space - tap the power of a positive marriage attitude - replace boredom with fun, irritability with patience, busyness with time together, debt with a team approach to your finances . . . and much, much more. DISCUSSION GUIDE This will help your small group enjoy lively and eye-opening interaction through six sessions in the ZondervanGroupware small group DVD. As couples, you’ll discuss how you can turn the problems in your marriages to your advantage, defend your relationships against six “sneak attacks,” solve any problem in five realistic steps, and more. Each session links with the workbook exercises and concludes with an exercise each couple can do together over the next week.

contents A Letter to Our Readers 7 1. Taking Inventory of Your Marriage 9 2. Exploring Your Marital Armament 12 3. Why Every Marriage Has Everyday Problems 14 4. What Did You Expect? 16 5. The Big Question 18 6. So Many Choices 20 7. Your Attitude Quotient 22 8. What Have You Been Looking For? 24 9. Coping with the Invasion of Intimacy 27 10. When Husband and Wife Become Mom and Dad 30 11. Refueling the Sexual Fire 32 12. Taking Control of Your Time-Starved Marriage 35 13. Getting to Know You . . . All over Again 37 14. Healing Your Painful Past 40 15. Owning Up 42 16. High Hopes---Even When You're Hurting 45 17. Walking in Your Partner's Shoes 48 18. Assessing Your Spiritual Language 50 19. Finding the Inspiration around You 52 20. Taking Cover from a Bombshell and Its Fallout 55 21. Surviving Your Private Gethsemane 57 Small Group Discussion Guide 59

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I Love You More Workbook for Men
How Everyday Problems Can Strengthen Your Marriage
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