Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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designed for oncologists and general practitioners, this book offers clinicians
comprehensive guidelines when dealing with women at high risk for breast
cancer. Written by experts in the field on the cutting edge of this research,
the following questions will be answered for the reader by the end of the book:

Who is at elevated risk for breast cancer?

Who should be genetically screened?

When and how often should we obtain imaging?

What type of imaging is adequate?

What medications are available for prevention?

When is surgical intervention appropriate?

What lifestyle changes should be implemented to prevent this

With one in eight women likely to contract breast cancer in her
lifetime, the significance of identifying and managing the high-risk patient is
evident. Breakthroughs in the identification of genes associated with breast
carcinoma, particularly BRCA1 and 2 ,
as well as other risk factors, influence not only how patients are screened,
but also how they are treated. Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment provides
a guided approach to prevention of breast cancer in women at elevated risk for
this malignancy.


Dr. Lida Mina received her MD from the American University of Beirut. She is a medical oncologist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Mina treats patients with breast cancer as well as patients at an elevated risk of developing the disease. She is the director of the Catherine Peachy Breast Cancer Prevention Program at the Indiana University Health Simon Cancer Center.

Dr. Anna Maria Storniolo received her MD from Stanford University.  She is a medical oncologist and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  In addition to caring for patients with all stages of breast cancer, she also sees women at elevated risk of the disease.  She is the founder and executive director of the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center, the world's only repository of normal breast tissue.

Cindy Hunter, MS, CGC is a licensed, certified genetic counselor who has worked in the field of cancer genetic counseling since 1996. Cindy is one of the pillars of the Catherine Peachy Breast Cancer Prevention Program at the Indiana University Health Simon Cancer Center.

Dr. Kandice Ludwig received her medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. She is a practicing breast surgeon at Indiana University School of Medicine, and has been appointed Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery. Her clinical interests include younger women with breast cancer, and management of women with high risk pathology.

Dr. Hal Kipfer received his Medical Degree at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He spent the past 10 years in a dedicated breast imaging and intervention practice with special interest in resident and fellow education, as well as breast MRI protocol development. He believes faster and shorter MRI sequences can improve value, and allow more women to benefit from screening breast MRI.

1. Introduction to breast cancer: The Magnitude of the problem.- 2. Risk Factors for Breast Cancer.- 3. Defining the population at elevated risk for Breast Cancer: Risk Models.- 4. Genetic predisposition and Genetic screening.- 5. The BRCA patient population.- 6. Women with benign proliferative breast disease.- 7. Approach to Imaging.- 8. Chemoprevention.- 9. Lifestyle and Breast Cancer.- 10. Obesity and Inflammation.- 11. Conclusion/the Future/ Komen Tissue Bank/Clinical Trials.

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Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment
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