Technology Standard of Pipe Rehabilitation

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This book summarizes the technical method and construction process of underground pipeline testing, cleaning, updating and repairing. It has 20 chapters and an appendix in total. Its content includes: Pipeline rehabilitation construction organization design, Pipeline cleaning, Preparations before construction, Pipeline detection and quality assessment, Pipeline rehabilitation design/method/equipment selection/steps/technical indicators, Pipe Cracking & Bursting method, Sliplining method, Pipe Segments Method, Lining with Inserted hose(improved) method, Cured in place pipe(CIPP), Spray lining, Spiral winding method, Spot repair method, universal construction techniques, construction of general rules, the engineering quality acceptance, construction health, safety, environmental protection and production management, and so on. The appendix is the interpretation for the relevant technical terms in this book. It could help the reader who doesn't have the basic knowledge about pipe rehabilitation to understand this technology easily. This regulation could be the fundamental discipline for pipeline renewal projects in different industries. It could provide the important basis and criterion for design, construction, management, inspection and acceptance of pipeline renewal projects.


For Internal Use only:

1. Lu Wang
Lu Wang is the lecture of China University of Geoscience (Beijing), the Deputy Secretary General of China Society for Trenchless Technology. She got her PHD degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2018. Her research interests are measurement while drilling technology, Well trajectory inertial measurement technology and pipeline 3D trajectory measurement technology.
Publications of the last five years
(1) Wang Lu*; Zhang Chunxi; Lin Tie; Li Xianmu; Wang Tao. Characterization on of a fiber optic gyroscope in a measurement while drilling system with the dynamic Allan variance , Measurement, 2015.11, 75: 263~272.
(2) Wang Lu*; Noureldin Aboelmagd; Iqbal Umar; Osman Abdalla M.,A.. Reduced Inertial Sensor System Based on MEMS for Wellbore Continuous Surveying While Horizontal Drilling, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2018.07.15, 18(14): 5662~5673.
(3) Wang Lu*; Zhang Chunxi; Gao Shuang; Wang Tao; Lin Tie; Li Xianmu. Application of Fast Dynamic Allan Variance for the Characterization of FOGs-Based Measurement While Drilling , Sensors, 2016.12, 16(12): 1-17.
(4) Wang Lu* Zhang Chunxi; Gao Shuang; Lin Tie; Li Xianmu, Influence of linear vibration on the errors of three-axis FOGs in the measurement while drilling systems , Optik, 2018, 156: 204~223.
(5) Wang Lu*,Yu Wang,Yaqi Deng; Drilling Trajectory Survey Technology Based on 3D RISS with a Single Fiber Optic Gyroscope, Optics, 203,2020, 163971
2. Chunwen Yan
Chunwen Yan is the professor of China Geological Equipment Group Co,,Ltd. Vice Chairman of China Society for Trenchless Technology. Director of International Society for Trenchless Technology. Member of World Mining-Tech Society (Sweden). Member of China Geological Association - Exploration Committee. He got his master degree from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 1988. His research interests is Underground Engineering: Exploration, Mining and Tunneling, Geotechnical Engineering for Deep Foundation, Trenchless Technology within Microtunneling, Directional Drilling, Impact Moling, Pipe ramming, Online Replacement and In-situ Renovation.
3. Junyu Xu
Junyu Xu is the secretary of Department of international cooperation in China Society for Trenchless Technology. He got his bachelor's degree from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in 2007. His majored in Business English and got Tem-8 certificate.


Scope.- Normative reference documents.- Basic rules.- Pipeline rehabilitation construction organization design.- Pipeline cleaning.- Pipeline detection and quality assessment.- Pipeline rehabilitation design.- Preparations before construction.- Pipe Cracking & Bursting.- Sliplining.- Pipe Segments Method.- Lining with Inserted Hose (Improved).- Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP).- Spray Lining.- Spiral Winding Method.- Spot Repair.- Post-processing.- Engineering acceptance.- Health, Safety, Environmental Protection (HSE).- Production Management and Technical Archives.- REFERENCES.- Appendix.

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Technology Standard of Pipe Rehabilitation
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