Between Two Worlds

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To go through the pages of the Autobiography of Mario Bunge is to accompany him through dozens of countries and examine the intellectual, political, philosophical and scientific spheres of the last hundred years. It is an experience that oscillates between two different worlds: the different and the similar, the professional and the personal.

It is an established fact that one of his great loves was, and still is, science. He has always been dedicated to scientific work, teaching, research, and training men and women in multiple disciplines. Life lessons fall like ripe fruit from this book, bringing us closer to a concept, a philosophical idea, a scientific digression, which had since been uncovered in numerous notes, articles or books.

Bunge writes about the life experiences in this book with passion, naturalness and with a colloquial frankness, whether they be persecutions, banishment, imprisonment, successes, would-be losses, emotions, relationships, debates, impressions or opinions about people or things.

In his pages we pass by the people with whom he shared a fruitful century of achievements and incredible depths of thought. Everything is remembered with sincerity and humor.

This autobiography is, in truth, Bunge on Bunge, sharing everything that passes through the sieve of his memory, as he would say.

Mario's many grandchildren are a testament to his proud standing as a family man, and at the age of 96 he gives us a book for everyone: for those who value the memories that hold the trauma of his life as well as for those who share his passion for science and culture. Also, perhaps, for some with whom he has had disagreements or controversy, for he still deserves recognition for being a staunch defender of his convictions.

Explores the fascinating life story of one of the most celebrated modern scientific philosophers

Examines the intellectual spheres of the last century from a personal and professional perspective

Offers insightful life lessons for any aspirational academics

Mario Bunge is a renowned and celebrated academic and philosopher. He is originally from Argentina, but has been active in Canada since the mid 1960's. At 95 years of age, he has a PhD in physico-mathematical sciences,, sixteen honorary doctorates and four honorary professorships. His current researches revolves around philosophy of the social sciences, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics.


1. Childhood.- 2. Adolescence.- 3. University et alia.- 4. Scientific Apprenticeship.- 5. Philosophical Apprenticeship.- 6. First jobs.- 7. Itinerant Professor.- 8. Canada and Scientific Realism.- 9. Exact Philosophy.- 10. Systemic Materialism.- 11. Biophilosophy.- 12. Psychoneural Monism.- 13. Social Philosophy.- 14. Weird Ideas, Strange Places, Freak Events.- 15. Practical Philosophy.- 16. Summary.- 17. Appendix by Marta Bunge: My Life with Mario.- 18. References.

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Between Two Worlds
Memoirs of a Philosopher-Scientist
Fester Einband
Springer, Berlin
Geisteswissenschaften allgemein
Anzahl Seiten
H30mm x B241mm x T156mm
1st ed. 2016
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