Practical and Clear Graduate Statistics in Excel - The Excel Statistical Mast...

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? Complete and practical yet easy-to-understand graduate-level statistics course with all of the problems worked out in Excel. Thoroughly covers all topics of an intense graduate statistics course using nothing but step-by-step, simple explanations.? Major topics covered in deep detail include regression, chi-square tests, ANOVA, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, combinations, permutations, correlation, covariance, t-tests, histograms, and charting.? Many widely-used and complicated statistical tests, such as the chi-square independence test, the chi-square population variance test, and conjoint analysis using dummy variable regression are described from top to bottom and also in Excel.? A number of problem-solving techniques are presented in this manual that do not appear in any other statistical text. One example of a statistical technique presented only in this manual and nowhere else is a detailed description showing how to solve every type of hypothesis test using the same four steps.? All problem-solving techniques are presented as step-by-step frameworks that can be readily applied to similar problems, not as seemingly unrelated and difficult-to-apply statistical theorems like most statistics course do.? Graduate statistics students and business managers will find this manual to be, by far, the easiest and fastest way to master graduate-level statistics and to apply advanced statistics in Excel to solve difficult, real-world problems, homework assignments, and exam questions.? Loaded with completed, real-world problems all in Excel, this manual is an outstanding supplement to a graduate statistics course. Very clear explanations are used to show exactly how the Excel formulas integrate with the statistical frameworks being applied.? The reader will learn how to master and apply graduate-level statistics much faster than a student in a normal graduate statistics course because this manual's emphasis is entirely on problem solving, not on useless, forgettable theory that fills up many statistics courses.? This manual achieves two goals: teaching graduate-level statistical frameworks in an easy-to-understand way and then showing how to implement all of it in Excel.? The widely-used Microsoft Excel program provides a very simple but incredibly complete platform to perform heavy-duty, advanced statistical analysis. All other statistical software packages, such as Minitab, SyStat, and SPSS, are expensive, require lots of user training, and expect that the user is an expert statistician right from the start. Not this manual nor Microsoft Excel.? The easy-to-follow frameworks in this manual can be cleanly and swiftly duplicated in the real world and on statistics exams by hand (without Excel) right away.? The lessons are all in bite-size chunks that are quickly absorbed for immediate use. More than half of the lessons in this manual are supplemented with step-by-step videos for more convenient learning.THE READER OF THIS MANUAL WILL QUICKLY BECOME AN EXCEL STATISTICAL MASTER!

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Practical and Clear Graduate Statistics in Excel - The Excel Statistical Mast...
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Excel Master Series
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