Metaheuristics in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications

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Fester Einband


This book is a collection of the most recent approaches that combine metaheuristics and machine learning. Some of the methods considered in this book are evolutionary, swarm, machine learning, and deep learning. The chapters were classified based on the content; then, the sections are thematic. Different applications and implementations are included; in this sense, the book provides theory and practical content with novel machine learning and metaheuristic algorithms.
The chapters were compiled using a scientific perspective. Accordingly, the book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Science, Engineering, and Computational Mathematics and is useful in courses on Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Machine Learning, among others. Likewise, the book is useful for research from the evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, and image processing communities.

Provides representative tools used for machine learning and metaheuristic algorithms

Focuses on the theory and application of metaheuristic algorithms in machine learning, including hybridization and implementations in different fields

Is self-explained and explains the used algorithm, the selected problem, and the implementation

Offers practical examples, comparisons, and experimental results

Presents topics which are selected based on their importance and complexity in the field, for example, biochemistry, image processing, clustering, feature selection, energy, among others

Cross Entropy Based Thresholding Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Prostatic Images Using Metaheuristic Algorithms.- Hyperparameter Optimization in a Convolutional Neural Network Using Metaheuristic Algorithms.- Diagnosis of collateral effects in climate change through the identification of leaf damage using a novel heuristics and machine learning framework.- Feature engineering for Machine Learning and Deep Learning assisted Wireless Communication.- Genetic operators and their impact on the training of deep neural networks.- Implementation of metaheuristics with Extreme Learning Machines.- Architecture optimization of convolutional neural networks by micro genetic algorithms.- Optimising Connection Weights in Neural Networks using a Memetic Algorithm Incorporating Chaos Theory.- A review of metaheuristic optimization algorithms for wireless sensor networks.- A Metaheuristic Algorithm for Classification of White Blood Cells in Healthcare Informatics.- A Review of multi-level thresholding image segmentation using nature-inspired optimization algorithms.- Hybrid Harris Hawks Optimization with Differential Evolution for Data Clustering.- Variable Mesh Optimization for Continuous Optimization and Multimodal Problems.- Traffic control using image processing and deep learning techniques.- Drug Design and Discovery: Theory,Applications, Open Issues and Challenges.- Thresholding algorithm applied to Chest X-Ray images with Pneumonia.- Artificial neural networks for stock market prediction: a comprehensive review.- Image classification with Convolutional Neural Networks.- Applied Machine Learning Techniques to Find Patterns and Trends in the Use of Bicycle Sharing Systems Influenced by Traffic Accidents and Violent Events in Guadalajara, Mexico.- Machine Reading Comprehension (LSTM) Review (state of art).- A Survey of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Solving Optimization Problems.- Integrating metaheuristic algorithms and minimum cross entropy for image segmentation in mist conditions.- A Machine Learning application for Particle Physics: Mexico's involvement in the Hyper- Kamiokande observatory.- A novel metaheuristic approach for Image Contrast Enhancement based on gray-scale mapping.- Geospatial Data Mining Techniques Survey.- Integration of Internet of Things and cloud computing for Cardiac health recognition.- Combinatorial Optimization for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Network Automation.- Performance Optimization of PID Controller based on Parameters Estimation using Meta-Heuristic Techniques : A Comparative Study.- Solar Irradiation Changes Detection for Photovoltaic Systems through ANN trained with a Metaheuristic Algorithm.- Genetic Algorithm based Global and Local Feature Selection Approach for Handwritten Numeral Recognition.

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Metaheuristics in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications
Fester Einband
Springer International Publishing
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1st ed. 2021
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