Multibody Mechatronic Systems

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This volume contains the Proceedings of MUSME 2014, held at Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico, October 2014. Topics include analysis and synthesis of mechanisms; dynamics of multibody systems; design algorithms for mechatronic systems; simulation procedures and results; prototypes and their performance; robots and micromachines; experimental validations; theory of mechatronic simulation; mechatronic systems; and control of mechatronic systems.The MUSME symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics was held under the auspices of IFToMM, the International Federation for Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science, and FeIbIM, the Iberoamerican Federation of Mechanical Engineering. Since the first symposium in 2002, MUSME events have been characterised by the way they stimulate the integration between the various mechatronics and multibody systems dynamics disciplines, present a forum for facilitating contacts among researchers and students mainly in South American countries, and serve as a joint conference for the IFToMM and FeIbIM communities.

Includes supplementary material:


Preface.- Kinematic and Workspace-based Synthesis of a 2-DOF Mechanism for Haptic Applications, by Ricardo Roberts and Ernesto Rodriguez-Leal.- Fuzzy Logic Control on FPGA for solar tracking system, by Ricardo Antonio-Mendez, Jesus De La Cruz-Alejo and Ollin Peñaloza-Mejia.- Dynamic balancing of a nutating planetary bevel gear train, by Pietro Fanghella, Luca Bruzzone and Stefano Ellero.- Output Stabilization of Linear Systems with Disturbances, by Francisco Javier Bejarano and Jorge Dávila.- Development of a Heliostat for a Solar Tower Power Plant, by Jorge García, Alicia Hernandez, Manuel Toledano, Juan Carlos Jauregui, Enma Godoy and Oswaldo Mendoza.- Mechatronic sizing of ball-screw feed drives, by Rogelio Hecker, Diego Vicente and Marcelo Flores.- Behavior of the robot with vibratory excitation, by Tadeusz Majewski and Dariusz Szwedowicz.- Attitude determination system based on vector observations for satellites experiencing sun-eclipse phases, by J. Rodrigo Córdova-Alarcón, Mario-Alberto Mendoza-Bárcenas and Arturo Solís-Santomé.- Nonlinear Identification of Inverted Pendulum System using Volterra Polynomials, by Guillermo Ronquillo, Gabriel Ríos, Eduardo Hernández and Mario Trejo.- Multi-robot exploration and mapping strategy in underground mines by behavior control, by Manasses Antoni Mauricio Condori, Fonseca Rodriguez Christian Jefrey, Luis Kenji Hilasaca Sanchez, Ayrton Krickst Nieves Acosta, Yomar Castillo, Jhair Gallardo, Glen Dario Rodriguez Rafael and Ricardo Rodriguez Bustinza.- Modeling online via clustering and fuzzy SVM, by Julio César Tovar, C.R. Mariaca and I. Álvarez Villalobos.- Cylindrical Contact Force Models for the Dynamics of Roller Chain Drives, by Jorge Ambrosio, Cândida Malça and Amilcar Ramalho.- A three-dimensional multibody model of a full suspension mountain bike, by Burkhard Corves, Jens Breuer, Frédéric Schöler and Philipp Ingenlath.- Gear Shifting Strategies Co-simulations to Optimize Vehicle Performance and Fuel Consumption, by Jony J. Eckert, Fernanda C. Corrêa, Fabio M. Santiciolli, Eduardo S. Costa, Heron J. Dionísio and Franco G. Dedini.- Analysis of vibration in an offshore platform-like structure excited by earthquake, by Josué Enríquez-Zárate and Gerardo Silva-Navarro.- Dynamic Parameter Identification in the Front Suspension of a Vehicle: On the Influence of Different Base Parameter Sets, by Luz Adriana Mejía, Vicente Mata, Francisco Valero, Javier Ros and Xabier Iriarte.- An Alternative Method for the Optimum Dynamic Balancing of the Four-Bar Mechanism, by Mario Acevedo.- Behaviour of some objects in series with dynamic eliminators of vibrations, by Tadeusz Majewski.- Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of 3D ElastoHydrodynamic Revolute Joints in Multibody Systems, by Paulo Flores.- Analysis of experimental data from complex mechanical system, by J. C. Jáuregui-Correa1, C. S. López Cajún1 and Mihir Sen.- Reduced Energy Consumption in Induction Motors with possible Mechatronic Applications, by Gabriel Calzada and Jaime Álvarez.- Modeling and control of a pendubot with static friction, by Sergio Sánchez-Mazuca, Israel Soto and Ricardo Campa.- Design of Electronic Control Board to Obtain the Photovoltaic Module Power Voltage Curve as Temperature function, by Jaime Vega-Perez, Saul Vega-Pérez and Luis Castañeda-Aviña.- A robust control scheme against some parametric uncertainties for the NXT ballbot, by Rafael Adrián García-García and Manuel Arias-Montiel.- Fuzzy Logic Control on FPGA using LabVIEW, by Juan Carlos García-Montalva, Jesus de La Cruz-Alejo and Jorge Diaz-Salgado.- High-Order Sliding Modes based linearization: an application to roll autopilot, by Jorge Davila, Alejandro Monsivais and Antonio Mosqueda.- Proposal of automated inspection using camera in process of VIN validation, by Leandro Souza, Rômulo Oliveira and Marcelo H. Stoppa.- Concept Design Process for Robotic Devices: The case of an assistive robot, by Héctor A. Moreno Avalos, Isela Carrera Calderón, Sergio Romero Hernández and Víctor Cruz Morales.- Design and Construction of a submarine with Five Degrees of Freedom, by Carlos Barroeta Zamudio, Floriberto Ortiz Rodríguez and Juan Francisco Novoa Colín.- Concurrent Structure-Control Design of Parallel Robots using an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm, by Esteban Chavez Conde, S. Ivvan Valdez P. and Eusebio Hernández.- Emulation of Mechanical Structures through a Multi-agent Robot System: An Overview, by Jaime González-Sierra and Eduardo Aranda-Bricaire.- Design and Construction of a Nouvelle Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Experimental Platform, by Lourdes Garcia, David Lara, Azahel Trevino, Gerardo Romero, Jose G. Rivera and Esmeralda Lopez.- Motion Analysis of a Six-Legged Robot Using the Bennett's Linkage as Leg, by Joao Carvalho and Tadeu Silvestre.- Implementation of force and position controllers for a 3DOF parallel manipulator, by Jose I. Cazalilla, Marina Vallés, Angel Valera, Vicente Mata and Miguel Díaz-Rodríguez.- Mechanical reproduction of the horse movement from a hippotherapy cycle, by Carlos Lopez-Cajun, J. C. Jáuregui-Correa, C. A. González-Cruz, M.Rodríguez.- Identification of a Cylindrical Robot Using Recurrent Neural Networks, by Carlos Román Mariaca Gaspar , Juan Eduardo Velázquez Velázquez and Julio César Tovar Rodríguez.- New design of petal type deployable space mirror, by Victor Bujakas.- Corradino D'Ascanio and his design of Vespa scooter, by Gennaro Teoli and Marco Ceccarelli.- Rigid Body Hyper-Jerk Analysis Using Screw Theory, by Jaime Gallardo-Alvarado and Mario A. Garcia-Murillo.- Joint Trajectory Optimization Using All Solutions of Inverse Kinematics of General 6-R Robots, by Ulrich Kuenzer and Manfred Husty.- Mill Setup Manual Aided by Augmented Reality, by Fernando Suárez-Warden, Eduardo González Mendívil, Héctor Ramírez, Luis Eduardo Garza Nájera and Gabriel Pantoja.- Dimensional synthesis of a planar parallel manipulator applied to upper limb rehabilitation, by Ileana Prisabel Corona Acosta and Eduardo Castillo Castaneda.- Workspace Analysis of a Delta-Like Robot Using an Alternative Approach, by Alfredo Gutierrez-Preciado, Max Antonio Gonzalez-Palacios and Luz Antonio Aguilera-Cortes.- Adaptive Low Cost Gravity Balanced Orthosis, by Giuseppe Cannella, Dina Shona Laila and Christopher Freeman.- Design and FEM analysis of a novel Humanoid Torso, by Daniele Cafolla and Marco Ceccarelli.- Nonlinear Full-car Model for Optimal Dynamic Design of an Automotive Damper, by Carlos A. Duchanoy, Carlos A. Cruz-Villar and Marco A. Moreno-Armendáriz.- Design of a Parallel Mechanism for Knee Rehabilitation, by Betsy D. M. Chaparro-Rico, Eduardo Castillo-Castaneda and Rodrigo Maldonado-Echegoyen.- Design and Construction of a Translational Parallel Robot for Drilling Tasks, by Rodrigo Maldonado Echegoyen and Eduardo Castillo Castañeda.- A Solution to the Approximate Spherical Burmester Problem, by Jérémie Léger and Jorge Angeles.- Mechatronic Design of a Mobile Robot and Non-linear Control, by Josue Hernandez, Torres Muñoz Jorge Antonio and Sergio Salazar.- Decentralized Supervisory Control of an AMS based on the ISA Standards, by Sergio Foyo, Eduardo Gamaliel Hernández Martínez, Erika Puga and Jesus Alberto Meda Campaña.- Collaborative Robots as Differential Algebraic Systems, by Omar Mendoza-Trejo and Carlos A. Cruz-Villar.- Design and implementation of an affective computing for recognition and generation of behaviors in a robot, by Rodolfo Romero, Francisco Gallegos and Maria Adela Soto.- Index of names.

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Multibody Mechatronic Systems
Proceedings of the MUSME Conference held in Huatulco, Mexico, October 21-24, 2014
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Springer International Publishing
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2015
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