Multibody Mechatronic Systems

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These are the Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Multibody Systems and Mechatronics (MUSME 2017) which was held in Florianópolis, Brazil, October 24-28, 2017.

Topics addressed include analysis and synthesis of mechanisms; dynamics of multibody systems; design algorithms for mechatronic systems; simulation procedures and results; prototypes and their performance; robots and micromachines; experimental validations; theory of mechatronic simulation; mechatronic systems; and control of mechatronic systems. The MUSME 2017 Symposium was one of the activities of the FEIbIM Commission for Mechatronics and IFToMM technical Committees for Multibody Dynamics, Robotics and Mechatronics.

Includes supplementary material:

Synthesis of Mechanisms and Robots.- Synthesis of precision flexible mechanisms using screw theory with a finite elements validation, by Martín Pucheta, Alejandro Gallardo.- Enumeration of kinematic chains with zero variety for epicyclic gear trains with one and two degrees of freedom, by Marina Baldissera de Souza, Rodrigo de Souza Vieira, Daniel Martins.- Mechanism Design and Kinematics Analysis of a Bat Robot, by Deming Kong, Jingshan Zhao.- Vector Analysis of the Cable Tension Conditions, by Thaís Muraro, Daniel Martins, Leonardo Sacht.- Actuated degree-of-control: a new approach for mechanisms design, by Estevan Hideki Murai, Roberto Simoni, Daniel Martins.- Analysis of self-aligning mechanisms by means of matroid theory, by Andrea Piga Carboni, Henrique Simas, Daniel Martins.- Review and classification of workpiece toggle clamping devices, by Mateus Viana de Oliveira Costa, Estevan Hideki Murai, Fabíola Rosa, Daniel Martins.- Supporting the laminated ferromagnetic pole pieces in a magnetic gear: a structure behaviour analysis from a multibody model, by Melaine Desvaux, Bernard Multon, Hamid Ben Ahmed, Stéphane Sire.- Kinematic Analysis.- Kinematic Analysis for a Planar Redundant Serial Manipulator, by Zijia Li, Mathias Brandstötter, Michael Hofbaur.- Workspace Analysis of a Parallel Manipulator Using Multi-Objective Optimization and Bio-Inspired Methods, by Rogério Sales Gonçalves, Joao Carvalho, Fran Sergio Lobato.- Modeling of a four-legged robot with variable center of mass as a cooperative multirobot system, by Cristiane Tonetto, Antônio Bento Filho, Altamir Dias.- Assembly sequence planning for shape heterogeneous modular robot systems, by Anelize Zomkowski Salvi, Roberto Simoni, Henrique Simas.- Static Analysis.- Kinetostatics and Optimal Design of a 2PRPU Shoenflies-Motion Generator, by Henrique Simas, Raffaele Di Gregorio.- Influence of the working mode on the maximum isotropic force capability maps for a 3RRR planar parallel manipulator, by Leonardo Mejia Rincon, Daniel Ponce, Juan Camilo Herrera Pineda, Henrique Simas, Daniel Martins.- Maximum isotropic force capability maps in planar cooperative systems: A practical case study, by Juan Camilo Herrera Pineda, Leonardo Mejia Rincon, Roberto Simoni, Henrique Simas.- Balancing conditions of the RSS'P spatial mechanism An alternative method using Natural Coordinates, by Mario Acevedo.- Dynamic Analysis.- Elastodynamic Performance of a Planar Parallel Mechanism under Uncertainties, by Fabian Andres Lara-Molina, Edson Hideki Koroishi, Thamiris Costa.- Complex modelling and dynamical analysis of parallel cable mechanisms, by Radek Bulín, Michal Hajman, Pavel Polach.- A new methodology for the balancing of mechanisms using the Davies' method, by Julio Frantz, Leonardo Mejia Rincon, Henrique Simas, Daniel Martins.- The Dynamic Synthesis of an Energy-Efficient Watt-II-Mechanism, by Ferdinand Schwarzfischer, Mathias Hüsing, Burkhard Corves.- Multibody dynamic analysis of a High-Altitude Long-Endurance aircraft concept, by Luciano Nitardi, Bruno Roccia, Sergio Preidikman, Fernando Flores.- Control of Mechatronic Systems.- High-Order Sliding Mode Control for Solar Tracker Manipulator, by Irandi Gutiérrez, Eusebio Eduardo Hernández Martínez, Armando Oropeza, Sajjad Keshtkar.- Towards a Servovision based Control of a Planar Parallel Manipulator, by Fernanda Colombo, Maíra da Silva.- Multibody Model of the VVER 1000 Nuclear Reactor Control Assembly and Simulation of Its Moving Parts Drop, by Pavel Polach, Michal Hajman.- Single-state friction model for control purposes, by Fernando Villegas, Rogelio Hecker, Gustavo Flores.- Design and Optimal Control of a Robotic Speech-to-Sign Language Transliterating System, by Maykol Jiampiers Campos Trinidad, Erwin Daniel López Zapata, Renzo Sebastián Salazar Arévalo, Juan José Acostupa del Carpio.- Modelling and Simulation.- Robust Critical Inverse Condition Number for a 3RRR Robot Using Failure, by Hiparco Lins Vieira, João Fontes, Maíra da Silva, Andre Teofilo Beck.- Simulation of a Serial Robot Calibration through Screw Theory, by Lucas Kato, Tiago Pinto, Henrique Simas, Daniel Martins.- Comparative study of autonomous aerial navigation methods oriented to environmental monitoring, by Jorge Roberto López Cáceres, Manasses Antoni Mauricio Condori, Luis Alvaro.- Rojas Machado, Erwin Dianderas, Juan Pablo Vargas Machuca Bueno, Ricardo Raul Rodriguez Bustinza.- Simulation and experimental verification of a global redundancy resolution for a 3PRRR prototype, by João Fontes, Maíra da Silva.- A computational aeroelastic framework for studying non-conventional aeronautical systems, by Sergio Preidikman, Bruno Roccia, Marcos Verstraete, Luis Ceballos, Balakumar Balachandran.- ILQG Planner Applied to Dynamic Systems with Intermittent Contact, by Henrique Garcia, Leonardo Luna, Gustavo Jose Giardini Lahr, Glauco Caurin.- Cost Effective Provisioning of Electricity in Smart Nano-Grid Using GA and Optimized Heuristic, by Nabila Ahmad.- Prototypes and Experimental Validations Mathematical Modeling and Prototype Development of a Pneumatically-Actuated Bench for Sloping Terrain Simulation, by Marcia Regina Maboni Porsch, Nivia Maria Kinalski, Roberta Goergen, Andrei Fiegenbaum, Luiz Antônio Rasia, Antonio Carlos Valdiero.- An experimental characterization of roll hemming process, by José Eduardo Esquivel González, Giuseppe Carbone, Marco Ceccarelli, Juan Carlos Jauregui.- Experimental Characterization of a Feedforward Control for the Replication of Moving Resistances on a Chassis Dynamometer, by Elvis Bertoti, Jony Eckert, Rodrigo Yamashita, Ludmila Silva, Franco Giuseppe Dedini.- Experimental Setup of a Novel Four DOF Parallel Manipulator, by Marina Vallés, Pedro Araujo-Gómez, Vicente Mata, Angel Valera, Miguel Díaz-Rodríguez, Alvaro Page, Nidal Farhat.- Behaviour comparison between mechanical epicyclic gears and magnetic gears, by Melaine Desvaux, Bernard Multon, Hamid Ben Ahmed, Stéphane Sire.- Mechatronic Systems for Assistive Technology Design Optimization of a Cable-driven Parallel Robot in Upper Arm Training-Rehabilitation Processes, by Eusebio Eduardo Hernández Martínez, S. Ivvan Valdez, Giuseppe Carbone, Marco Ceccarelli.- Kinematic analysis of an exoskeleton-based robot for elbow and wrist rehabilitation, by Nicolae Plitea, Bogdan Gherman, Giuseppe Carbone, Marco Ceccarelli, Calin Vaida, Alexandru Banica, Doina Pisla, Adrian Pisla.- Experimental Evaluation of Artificial Human Ribs, by Luis Antonio Aguilar, Marco Ceccarelli, Christopher-René Torres-San-Miguel, Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Sosa, Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderón.- Kinetostatic model of the human knee for preoperative planning: part A Method and Validation, by Daniel Ponce, Leonardo Mejia Rincon, Ernesto Ponce, Daniel Martins, Rodrigo Roesler, Julio Feller Golin.- Kinetostatic model of the human knee for preoperative planning: part B Clinical application for medical decision making, by Daniel Ponce, Julio Feller Golin, Ernesto Ponce, Rodrigo Roesler, Daniel Martins, Leonardo Mejia Rincon.- On the Kinematics of an Innovative Spherical Parallel Robot for the Shoulder Rehabilitation, by Nicolae Plitea, Calin Vaida, Giuseppe Carbone, Adrian PISLA, Ionut Ulinici, Doina Pisla.- Automatic Elevation System of a Wheelchair, by Sergio Araki, Pamela Florentino, Eduardo Bock, Miichele Saito, Mariana Hernandes, Luciano Fuentes, Isac Fujita, Rodrigo Stoeterau, Daniel Martins,Celso Arruda.- An Initial Assessment of Mechanisms for the Development of New Hospital Beds, by Rodrigo Barreto, Roberto Simoni, Daniel Martins.- Vehicle Dynamics.- Rollover of long combination vehicles: effect of overweight, by Gonzalo Moreno, Vangelo Manenti, Lauro Nicolazzi, Rodrigo de Souza Vieira, Daniel Martins.- Development of a robust integrated control system to improve the stability of road vehicles, by Abel Arrieta Castro, Georg Rill, Hans Ingo Weber.- Powertrain Optimization to Improve Vehicle Performance and Fuel Consumption, by Jony Eckert, Fernanda Correa, Elvis Bertoti, Rodrigo Yamashita, Ludmila Silva, Franco Giuseppe Dedini.- Design and analysis of a wheel with flexible spokes, by Shuaisong Hou, Jingshan Zhao.- Multibody model of a small tire test bench, by Fabio Mazzariol Santiciolli, Ludmila Silva, Elvis Bertoti, Jony Eckert, Rodrigo Yamashita, Franco Giuseppe Dedini.- Maneuverability study of a vehicle with rear wheel steering, by Jhino Silva, Lincol Vargas, Josue Liberato, Junior Quispe, Carlos Munares.- Author Index.

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Multibody Mechatronic Systems
Proceedings of the MUSME Conference held in Florianópolis, Brazil, October 24-28, 2017
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Springer International Publishing
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018
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