New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science

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This work presents the most recent research in the mechanism and machine science field and its applications. The topics covered include: theoretical kinematics, computational kinematics, mechanism design, experimental mechanics, mechanics of robots, dynamics of machinery, dynamics of multi-body systems, control issues of mechanical systems, mechanisms for biomechanics, novel designs, mechanical transmissions, linkages and manipulators, micro-mechanisms, teaching methods, history of mechanism science and industrial and non-industrial applications.

This volume consists of the Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Mechanisms Science (EUCOMES) that was held in Guimarães, Portugal, from September 16 20, 2014. The EUCOMES is the main forum for the European community working in Mechanisms and Machine Science.

Includes supplementary material:


Preface.- Part I - Theoretical Kinematics: Dimensional Synthesis of Six-bar Linkages with Incomplete Data Set, by S. Bai.- Mathematical Modelling and Simulation for Beaded Pad Automatic Weaving Trajectory, by J. Yan, L. Yao, D. Lin and Z. Liu.- Graphical User Interface for the Singularity Analysis of Lower-Mobility Parallel Manipulators, by S. Caro, L. Nurahmi and P. Wenger.- On the Redundancy of Cable-driven Parallel Robots, by J-P. Merlet.- Part II - Computational Kinematics: On the Resolution of Forward Kinematic Problem Using CAD Graphical Techniques: Application on Planar Parallel Robotic Manipulators, by K.A. Arrouk, B.C. Bouzgarrou and G. Gogu.- Introducing Distance Restrictions in the Deformed Position Problem, by I. Fernández de Bustos, V. García Marina, M. Abásolo and R. Avilés.- On Generalized Euler Angles, by A. Rull and F. Thomas.- Guaranteed Detection of the Singularities of 3R Robotic Manipulators, by R. Benoit, N. Delanoue, S. Lagrange and P. Wenger.- Workspace Analysis for Evaluating Laparoscopic Instruments, by J.-H. Borchard, F. Dierßen, J. Kotlarski, L. A. Kahrs and T. Ortmaier.- A Novel, Loop-based Approach for Rigidity Detection for Systems with Multiple Spherical-Spherical Bars: The Double-Banana Case, by F. Simroth, H.F. Ding and A. Kecskeméthy.- Planar Four-link Mechanism Analysis for Application in 3D Printing Machines, by A. Kodowski.- Part III - Mechanism Design: Path Generating Belt Mechanisms as Kinematic Chains for Mechatronic Applications, by E.-C Lovasz, D. Perju, K.-H. Modler, C.M. Gruescu, D. Mrgineanu, C.E. Moldovan and C. Pop.- Synthesis of a Mechanism for Human Gait Rehabilitation: An Introductory Approach, by P. Alves, F. Cruz, L.F. Silva and P. Flores.- A Form-closed Cam-follower Mechanism for a Breath Simulator Machine, by R.F. Oliveira, P. Flores, S.F. Teixeira, H.M.C. Marques and J.C. Teixeira.- Dimensional Synthesis with Mechanism Processing Strategy, by M. Hüsing, R. Braune and B. Corves.- Dynamic Modelling of a Four Legged Robot, by I. Geonea, A. Ungureanu, N. Dumitru and L. Racil.- Lifting Mechanism for Payload Transport by Collaborative Mobile Robots, by B. Hichri, J-C. Fauroux, L. Adouane, I. Doroftei and Y. Mezouar.- Kinematic Design of a Reconfigurable Deployable Canopy, by G. Kiper, F. Gürcü, K. Korkmaz and E. Söylemez.- Function Generation Synthesis with a 2-DoF Overconstrained Double-Spherical 7R Mechanism Using the Method of Decomposition and Least Squares Approximation, by G. Kiper and B. Badadiolu.- Designing Cam Mechanisms using Cax, by J. Ondráek.- Kinematics Analysis and Verification on the Novel Reconfigurable Ankle Rehabilitation Robot Based on Parallel Mechanism, by S. Zeng, L. Yao, X. Guo, H. Wang and P. Sui.- Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of an of the Isoglide-Type Parallel Manipulator to Determine Its Rigidity/Stiffness, by A. Kozyrev and V. Glazunov.- Modular Cooperative Mobile Robots for Ventral Long Payload Transport and Obstacle Crossing, by M. Krid, J.C. Fauroux and B.C. Bouzgarrou.- Hypo-Cycloidal Crank Mechanism to Produce an Over-Expanded Cycle Engine, by J. Pinto, T. Costa, J. Martins and F.P. Brito.- Part IV - Experimental Mechanics: Influence of the Mass of the Weight on the Dynamic Response of the Laboratory Fibre Driven Mechanical System, by P. Polach and M. Hajman.- On the Experimental Intradiscal Pressure Measurement Techniques: A Review, by A. Araújo, N. Peixinho, A. Pinho and J.C.P. Claro.- Geometry and Material Strategies for Improved Management of Crash Energy Absorption, by N. Peixinho.- An In Vitro Experimental Evaluation of the Displacement Field in an Intracranial Aneurysm Model, by D. Pinho, D. Bento, J. Ribeiro, R. Lima and M. Vaz.- Experiments on the Edge of Chaos of a Planar Closed Chain Underactuated Mechanism, by J. Xie, H. Zhao, Z-H Liu and Y. Chen.- Systematic and Rapid Construction of Test Beds for Planar Mechanism, by H. Mencek and R. Soylu.- Development of Impact Loading Equipment for Testing of FRP Strips as Reinforcement of Masonry Bricks, by P. Correia and N. Peixinho.- Part V - Mechanics of Robots: Design of a Driving Module for a Hybrid Locomotion Robot, by J.J. Castillo, J.A. Cabrera, M. Jaimez, F. Vidal and A. Simón.- Analysis of Joint Clearance Effects on Dynamics of Six DOF Robot Manipulators, by S. Erkaya.- Investigating the Effect of Cable Force on Winch Winding Accuracy for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, by V. Schmidt, A. Mall and A. Pott.- Solving the Dynamic Equations of a 3-PRS Parallel Manipulator, by M. Díaz-Rodríguez, R. Bautista-Quintero and J.A. Carretero.- Part VI - Dynamics of Machinery: Optimization of Textile Machines in Order to Increase Productivity, by B. Corves, M. Husing, M. Schumacher and F. Schwarzfischer.- Motion Equation of Linkages with Changeable Close Loop, by E. Gebel.- Elastodynamic Analysis of the Sucker Rod Pumping System Mechanism, by N. Dumitru, N. Craciunoiu, R. Malciu and N. Ploscaru.- Dimensioning the NC Axes of a Radial Cam Grinding Machine, by V. Crhák, P. Jirásko and M. Václavík.- Efficiency Analysis of Shifted Spur Gear Transmissions, by A. Diez-Ibarbia, A. Fernández del Rincón, M. Iglesias, A. De Juan, P. García and F. Viadero.- Part VII - Dynamics of Multi-body Systems: A New Approach to Eliminate the Constraints Violation at the Position and Velocity Levels in Constrained Mechanical Multibody Systems, by P. Flores.- Vehicle Dynamic Simulation Using Robotic Techniques and Taking into Account a Tyre Model, by B. Menkouz and M. Haddad.- An Advanced 3D Multi-Body System Model for the Human Lumbar Spine, by S. Sousa and J.C.P. Claro.- Energy-consistent Integration Scheme for Multi-body Systems with Dissipation, by S. Conde Martín and J.C. García Orden.- Multi-Objective Optimization of Mechanisms with Clearances in Revolute Joints, by Z. Zhang, L. Xu, Y.Y. Tay, P. Flores and H. Lankarani.- Biomechanical Experimental Data Curation: An Example for Main Lumbar Spine Ligaments Characterization for a MBS Spine Model, by C. Lourenço and J.C.P. Claro.- A Three-dimensional Multibody Model of the Human Ankle-Foot Complex, by T.M. Malaquias, S.B. Gonçalves and M. Tavares da Silva.- Inverse Dynamics of 2-DOF Parallel Mechanism Used for Orientation, by T. Itul, B. Gherman, D. Cocorean and D. Pisla.- Wear Prediction of Ceramic-on-Ceramic Artificial Hip Joints, by E. Askari, P. Flores, D. Dabirrahmani and R. Appleyard.- Techniques for Geometrical Detection of Contact Within Multibody Systems, by M. Machado, P. Flores and J. Ambrósio.- On the Equivalence Between Forward and Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Human Motion Task, by C. Quental, J. Folgado, J. Ambrósio and J. Monteiro.- Railway Vehicle Modelling for the Vehicle-Track Interaction Compatibility Analysis, by H. Magalhães, J. Ambrósio and J. Pombo.- Validation of an Enhanced Cylindrical Contact Force Model Using Numerical and Analytical Approaches, by C. Pereira, A. Ramalho and J. Ambrosio.- Human Gait Analyses Using Multibody Systems Formulation: Normal and Pathological Scenarios, by P. Moreira, J. Peixoto, U. Lugrís, J. Cuadrado, P. Flores and P. Souto.- Numerical Simulation of a Granular Material Damper, by T. Koga, T. Sato, A. Weller and K. Ono.- Wagon Multibody Model and its Real-time Application, by M. Spiryagin, S.S.N. Ahmad, C. Cole, Y.Q. Sun and T. McSweeney.- Part VIII - Control Issues of Mechanical Systems: Experimental Validation of the Mechatronic Model of a Parallel Manipulator, by O. Altuzarra, F.J. Campa, C. Roldan-Paraponiaris and Ch. Pinto.- Preferable Operation Modes of a Wind Turbine with a Differential Planetary Gearbox, by M. Dosaev, A. Holub and L. Klimina.- Hybrid Position/Force Control of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Experimental Evaluation, by W. Kraus, P. Miermeister, V. Schmidt and Andreas Pott.- The Control System of a Parallel Robot for Brachytherapy, by C. Vaida, D. Pisla, A. Szilaghyi, F. Covaciu, D. Cocorean and N. Plitea.- Ambient Assisted Living Platform for Remote Monitoring of Bedridden People, by F. Pereira, C. Barros, V. Carvalho, J. Machado, C.P. Leão, F. Soares, K. Bezerra and D. Matos.- Part IX - Mechanisms for Biomechanics: Design and Simulation of Humanoid Spine, by D. Cafolla and M. Ceccarelli.- Feet Compliance in Two Legged Locomotion, by M. Zurawska and T. Zielinska.- Lab Experiences with LARM Clutched Arm for Assisting Disabled People, by C. Copilusi, M. Kaur and M. Ceccarelli.- Design and Simulation of Walking Operation of a Cassino Biped Locomotor, by M. Wang and M. Ceccarelli.- Pneumatic Video Tactile Sensor for Laparoscopic Surgery, by M. Dosaev, I. Goryacheva, F.-C. Su, C.-H. Yeh, M.-S. Ju, M. Gubenko, A. Lyubicheva, A. Morozov and Y. Selyutskiy.- Design of a new Medical Device for Aiding Clinical Diagnosis of Patellofemoral Disorders, by A. Leal, R. Pereira, H. Pereira, P. Flores, F.S. Silva and J. Espregueira-Mendes.- Lab Experiences with a Linkage Exoskeleton for Walking Assistance, by I. Silva, M. Ceccarelli, C. Copilusi and P. Flores.- Characterization and Analysis of Data in Autistic Walk Pressure, by L. Souza, S. Rosa, M. Carvalho and T. Torquato.- Physiological-like Testing of the Dislocation Stability of Artificial Hip Joints, by S. Herrmann, M. Kahler, R. Grawe, D. Kluess, C. Woernle and R. Bader.- Experimental Bench Used to Test Human Elbow Endoprosthesis, by D. Tarnita, D. Popa, C. Boborelu, N. Dumitru, D. Calafeteanu and D.N. Tarnita.- A Dynamic Intramedullary Implant for Bone Fracture Repair, by A. Dowd, B.J. Mac Donald, R. Lostado, W.T. McCartney and D. Comiskey.- A Computational Benchmark for 2D Gait Analysis Problems, by R. Pàmies-Vilà, J.M. Font-Llagunes, U. Lugrís, F.J. Alonso and J. Cuadrado.- Development and Early Results of a New Concept of an Orthopedic Footwear Stirrup, by J. Peixoto, B. Moura, P. Moreira, A.P. Souto and P. Flores.- Dynamic Analysis of an Exoskeleton New Ankle Joint Mechanism, by N. Dumitru, C. Copilusi, I. Geonea, D. Tarnita and I. Dumitrache.- Part X - Novel Designs: Analysing of Flying Conditions of Aircrafts Using Artificial Neural Networks, by . Yldrm and S. Erkaya.- Digital-based Engineering Tools for Tailored Design of Medical Implants, by R. Neto, T. Marques, M. Marta, N. Leal, M. Couto and M. Machado.- Synthesis of PR/RP-Chain Based Compliant Mechanisms - Design of Applications Exploiting Fibre Reinforced Material Characteristics, by U. Hanke, E.-C. Lovasz, M. Zichner, N. Modler, A. Comsa and K.-H. Modler.- Computer and Physical Simulation of Space Mirror Deployment, by V.I. Bujakas.- Permeability Evaluation of Flow Behaviors within Perfusion Bioreactors, by D. Freitas, H.A. Almeida and P.J. Bártolo.- Part XI - Mechanical Transmissions: Load Sharing and Contact Stress Calculation of High Contact Ratio Internal Spur Gears, by M. Pleguezuelos, J.I. Pedrero and M.B. Sánchez.- Calculation of Load Capacity of Cylindrical Gears: Review of Different Approaches and Calculation Tools, by S.M.O. Tavares and P.M.S.T. de Castro.- Load Distribution in Spur Gears Including the Effects of Friction, by Pedro M.T. Marques, Ramiro C. Martins and Jorge H.O. Seabra.- Influence of Gear Loss Factor on the Power Loss Prediction, by Carlos M.C.G. Fernandes, Pedro M.T. Marques, Ramiro C. Martins and Jorge H.O. Seabra.- Hydraulic Hose as an Instability Reducer for a Flexible Shaft Composed by Universal Joints, by V.H. Carneiro and J. Meireles.- Propulsion Architectures Using Mechanical Energy Storage, by M. Raghavan.- Part XII - Linkages and Manipulators: Closed-chain Principal Vector Linkages, by V. van der Wijk.- Design of a Low-Cost Manipulator Arm for Industrial Fields, by E. Soriano, H.Rubio, C. Castejón and J.C. García-Prada.- Part XIII - Micro-mechanisms: A New Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model of Compliant Mechanisms Considering Axial Deflection of Flexural Beams, by Y-Q. Yu, P. Zhou and Q-.P Xu.- An Internal Gyroscopic Micro-mechanism for Development of Lateral Deviation of a Projectile, by C.M. Umstead, Y.Y. Tay and H. Lankarani.- An Approach to the Characterization of Flexure Hinges for the Purpose of Optimizing the Design of a Micromanipulator, by D. Schoenen, I. Ivanov and B. Corves.- Part XIV - Teaching Methods: Machine and Mechanism Design at UMinho: Research-Teaching Interaction, by M. Lima, E. Seabra and L. F. Silva.- Computer Aided, Task-Based Kinematic Design of Linkages - A New Lecture for Engineering Students, by K. Abdul-Sater, T.C. Lueth and F. Irlinger.- Part XV - History of Mechanism Science: A.N. Krylov: the Pioneer of Photographic Non-invasive Measurement Methods in Russian Science, by A. Vukolov and A. Golovin.- Animation of Historical Patents, by U. Döring, C. Brandt-Salloum, V. Henkel and T. Brix.- Part XVI - Industrial and Non-industrial Applications: Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of an Industrial Cutting File Machine, by E. Seabra, Luís F. Silva and P. Flores.- An Overview of Industrial Communication Networks, by M. Silva, F. Pereira, F. Soares, C.P. Leão, J. Machado and V. Carvalho.- Rapid Development of Control Algorithms and Interfaces for Remote Monitoring of Robotic Arm Through Internet of Things (IoT), by M. Murar and S. Brad.- Numerical Simulation of Impact Loading on Open-cell Aluminum Foams, by P. Moreira, J.P. Mendonça and N. Peixinho.- Combining the Finite Element Method and Response Surface Methodology for Adjustment of Contact Stress Ratios in Tapered Roller Bearings, by R. Lostado, R. Escribano, R. Fernandez Martinez and B.J. Mac Donald.- Author Index.

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New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science
From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications
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