Picosecond Phenomena III

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The third international conference devoted to picosecond phenomena was held June 16-18, 1982 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany. Scientists from widely varying disciplines, physicists, chemists, biologists, and engineers came together to share their common interest in picosecond and subpicosecond processes. The meeting attracted approximately 250 scientists from numerous countries around the globe. More than .100 papers were concerned with the latest advances in the ex perimental and theoretical understanding of ultrafast phenomena. New dis coveries in femtosecond and picosecond pulse generation and new results in chemical dynamics, solid-state physics, and nonlinear optics were presented. The quality of the scientific reports, the enthusiasm of the participating scientists, as well as the magnificent surroundings of the Bavarian alps guaranteed a successful and pleasant conference. Numerous people have helped to make the conference a success. Special thanks are due to Carin von Oberkamp for dOing a superb job in implementing the meeting arrangements and to the program committee for the selection and organisation of the scientific presentations. The financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and of the Bayerische Staatsministerium fUr Unterricht und Kultur is gratefully ack nowledged.

I Advances in the Generation of Ultrashort Light Pulses.- Moving from the Picosecond to the Femtosecond Time Regime.- Femtosecond Optical Pulses: Towards Tunability at the Gigawatt Level.- Femtosecond Continuum Generation.- New Picosecond Sources and Techniques.- Generation of Coherent Tunable Picosecond Pulses in the XUV.- New Infrared Dyes for Synchronously Pumped Picosecond Lasers.- Acousto-Optic Stabilization of Mode-Locked Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser.- Active Mode Stabilization of Synchronously Pumped Dye Lasers.- Spectral Hole Burning in the Saturation Region of Mode-Locked Nd-Glass Lasers.- Single and Double Mode-Locked Ring Dye Lasers; Theory and Experiment.- Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Colliding Pulse Mode-Locking (CPM).- Picosecond Carrier Dynamics and Laser Action in Optically Pumped Buried Heterostructure Lasers.- Optically Pumped Semiconductor Platelet Lasers in External Cavities.- Two Photon Pumped Bulk Semiconductor Laser for the Generation of Picosecond Pulses.- The Pulse Duration of a Distributed Feedback Dye Laser Under Single Pulse Conditions.- Picosecond Distributed Feedback Dye Laser Tunable in a Broad Spectral Range.- Modelocking of a Wavelength Tunable High-Pressure CO2-Laser by Synchronous Modulation of a Broadband Intracavity Saturable Absorber.- The Non-Mode-Locked Picosecond Laser.- A Novel Method for Generating Sub-Transform Limited Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser Pulses.- Optical Dephasing in Inorganic Glasses.- Port II Ultrashort Measuring Techniques.- Picosecond Holographic Grating Experiments in Molecular Condensed Phases.- Self-Diffraction from Laser-Induced Orientational Gratings in Semiconductors.- A Picosecond Raman Technique with Resolution Four Times Better than Obtained by Spontaneous Raman Spectroscopy.- Broadband CARS Probe Using the Picosecond Continuum.- Jitter-Free Streak Camera System.- Electrical Transient Sampling System with Two Picosecond Resolution.- High-Resolution Picosecond Modulation Spectroscopy of Near Interband Resonances in Semiconductors.- Electron Diffraction in the Picosecond Domain Steven Williamson and Gerhard Mourou and Synchronous Amplification of 70 fsec Pulses Using a Frequency-Doubled Nd:YAG Pumping Source.- Picosecond Time-Resolved Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Subpicosecond Pulse Shape Measurement and Modeling of Passively Mode Locked Dye Lasers Including Saturation and Spatial Hole Burning.- Experimental Demonstration of a New Technique to Measure Ultrashort Dephasing Times.- Optical Pulse Compression with Reduced Wings.- Polarition-Induced Compensation of Picosecond Pulse Broadening in Optical Fibers.- III Advances in Optoelectronics.- Generation and Pulsewidth Measurement of Amplified Ultrashort Ultraviolet Laser Pulses in Krypton Fluoride.- Addressing and Control of High-Speed GaAs FET Logic Circuits with Picosecond Light Pulses.- Surface Metal-Oxide-Silicon-Oxide-Metal Picosecond Photodetector.- Solid-State Detector for Single-Photon Measurements of Fluorescence Decays with 100 Picosecond FWHM Resolution.- Picosecond Optoelectric Modulation of Millimeter-Waves in GaAs Waveguide.- Synchroscan Streak Camera Measurements of Mode-Propagation in Optical Fibers.- IV Relaxation Phenomena in Molecular Physics.- Picosecond Lifetimes and Efficient Decay Channels of Vibrational Models of Polyatomic Molecules in Liquids.- Vibrational Population Decay and Dephasing of Small and Large Polyatomic Molecules in Liquids.- Mechanisms for Ultrafast Vibrational Energy Relaxation of Polyatomic Molecules.- Studies of the Generation and Energy Relaxation in Chemical Intermediates-Divalent Carbon Molecules and Singlet Oxygen.- New Developments in Picosecond Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Vibrational Relaxation Phenomena.- Picosecond Photon Echo and Coherent Raman Scattering Studies of Dephasing in Mixed Molecular Crystals.- Picosecond Laser Spectroscopy of Molecules in Supersonic Jets: Vibrational Energy Redistribution and Quantum Beats.- Picosecond Studies of Intramolecular Vibrational Redistribution in S1p-Difluorobenzene Vapor.- Direct Picosecond Resolving of Hot Luminescence Spectrum.- The Temperature Dependence of Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Vibrational Linewidth Broadening Studies Using Coherent Picosecond Stokes Scattering.- A Picosecond CARS-Spectrometer Using Two Synchronously Mode-Locked CW Dye Lasers.- Picosecond Studies of Intramolecular Charge Transfer Processes in Excited A-D Molecules.- Femtosecond Transient Birefringence in CS2.- Time-Resolved Observation of Molecular Dynamics in Liquids by Femtosecond Interferometry.- Time-Resolved Measurement of Non-linear Susceptibilities by Optical Kerr Effect.- Subpicosecond Laser Spectroscopy: Pulse Diagnostics and Molecular Dynamics in Liquids.- Viscosity-Dependent Internal Rotation in Polymethine Dyes Measured by Picosecond Fluorescence Spectroscopy.- Rotational Diffusion in Mixed Solvents Measured by Picosecond Fluorescence Anisotropy.- Investigation of Level Kinetics and Reorientation by Means of Double Pulse Excited Fluorescence.- Dynamics of Photoisomerization.- Evidence for the Existence of a Short-Lived Twisted Electronic State in Triphenylmethane Dyes.- Kinetics of Stimulated and Spontaneous Emission of Dye Solutions Under Picosecond Excitation.- Picosecond Resolution Studies of Ground State Quantum Beats and Rapid Collisional Relaxation Processes in Sodium Vapor.- V Picosecond Chemical Processes.- Unimolecular Processes and Vibrational Energy Randomization.- Picosecond Dynamics of I2 Photodissociation.- Vibrational Predissociation of S-Tetrazine-Ar van der Waals-Molecules.- Picosecond Laser Induced Fluorescence Probing of NO2 Photofragments.- Excited State Proton Transfer in 2-(2-?Hydroxyphenyl)-Benzoxazole.- Picosecond Dynamics of Unimolecular Ion Pair Formation.- Effect of Polymerization on the Fluorescence Lifetime of Eosin in Water.- VI Ultrashort Processes in Biology.- Picosecond Processes Involving CO, O2, and NO Derivatives of Hemeproteins.- Femtosecond and Picosecond Transient Processes After Photolysis of Liganded Hemeproteins.- Picosecond Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Hematoporphyrin Derivative and Related Porphyrins.- Resonance Raman Spectra of Picosecond Transients: Application to Bacteriorhodopsin.- Picosecond Studies of Bacteriorhodopsin Intermediates from 11-cis Rhodopsin and 9-cis Rhodopsin.- Multiple Photon Processes in Molecules Induced by Picosecond UV Laser Pulses.- P-BR and Its Role in the Photocycle of Bacteriorhodopsin.- Picosecond Linear Dichroism Spectroscopy of Retinal.- Picosecond Absorption Spectroscopy of Biliverdin.- Picosecond Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of the Photolysis Product of Oxy-Hemoglobin.- VII Applications in Solid-State Physics.- Picosecond Time-Resolved Detection of Plasma Formation and Phase Transition in Silicon.- Spectroscopy of Picosecond Relaxation Processes in Semiconductors.- Picosecond Spectroscopy of Excitonic Molecules and High Density Electron-Hole Plasma in Direct-Gap Semiconductors.- Picosecond Time-Resolved Study of Highly Excited CuCl.- Picosecond Dynamics of Excitonic Polariton in CuCl.- Picosecond Spectroscopy of Highly Excited GaAs and CdS.- Non-Linear Attenuation of Excitonic Polariton Pulses in CdSe.- Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Study of n Type CdS and CdSe Photoelectrode.- Time-Resolved Spatial Expansion of the Electron-Hole Plasma in Polar Semiconductors.- Weak-Wave Retardation and Phase-Conjugate Self-Defocusing in Si.- Ultrafast Relaxations of Photoinduced Carriers in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Periodic Ripple Structures on Semiconductors Under Picosecond Pulse Illumination.- Transmission of Picosecond Laser-Excited Germanium at Various Wavelengths.- Nonlinear Interactions in Indium Antimonide.- Picosecond Relaxation Kinetics of Highly Photogenerated Carriers in Semiconductors.- Picosecond Radiative and Nonradiative Recombination in Amorphous As2S3.- Index of Contributors.

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Picosecond Phenomena III
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Picosecond Phenomena Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Fed. Rep. of Germany June 16-18, 1982
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982
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