Green Corrosion Chemistry and Engineering

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With its unique focus on the problems for societies and economies associated with corrosion and their solution, this is an up-to-date overview of the progress in corrosion chemistry and engineering. A valuable resource written by international experts actively involved in R&D.

With its unique focus on specifically addressing the problems for societies and economies associated with corrosion and their solution, this book provides an up-to-date overview of the progress in corrosion chemistry and engineering. International experts actively involved in research and development place particular emphasis on how to counter the economic and environmental consequences of corrosion with the help of science and technology, making this a valuable resource for researchers as well as decision makers in industry and politics. Further major parts of the book are devoted to corrosion prevention in the naval and energy sector as well as to corrosion monitoring and waste management.

Sanjay K. Sharma is Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry & Environmental Engineering at Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre, JECRC Foundation, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. He is a member of various international professional societies including American Chemical Society (USA), International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS, Canada) and Green Chemistry Network (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK) and life member of Society of Analytical Scientists, Indian Council of Chemists, International Congress of Chemistry and Environment, Indian Chemical Society, etc. Dr. Sharma has 12 Books of Chemistry from National-International Publishers and over 48 research papers of National and International repute to his credit. His recently published books are 'Handbook on Applications of Ultrasound: Sonochemistry and Sustainability' ,'Green Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability'(both from CRC Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, Florida, Boca Raton, USA) and 'Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology: Synthesis, Degradation and Applications'(From Royal Society of Chemistry, UK). He has also been appointed as Series Editor by Springer's London for their prestigious book Series 'Green Chemistry for Sustainability'. His work in the field of Green Corrosion Inhibitors is very well recognized and praised by international research community.

BASICS OF CORROSION CHEMISTRY Introduction Metallic Corrosion Metallic Passivity Localized Corrosion Corrosion Rust Atmospheric Corrosion Concluding Remarks CORROSION AND ELECTROCHEMISTRY Introduction Thermodynamics and the Stability of Metals Free Energy and Electrode Potential Electrode Potential Measurements Equilibrium Electrode Potentials Use of Pourbaix Diagrams Dynamic Electrochemical Processes Concentration Polarization APPLICATION OF MICROELECTROCHEMICAL TECHNIQUES IN CORROSION RESEARCH Introduction Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Scanning Kelvin Probe Conclusive Remarks PROTECTIVE COATINGS: AN OVERVIEW Introduction Selection of Paint Coatings Classification of Various Coatings Chemistry of Resins High-Performance Coatings Surface Preparation Paint Application Importance of Supervision, Inspection, and Quality Control during Paint Coatings Training and Certification Courses Summary NEW ERA OF ECO-FRIENDLY CORROSION INHIBITORS Introduction Anodic (Passivating or Film-Forming) Inhibitors Cathodic (Adsorption-Type) Inhibitors Mixed Inhibitors Precipitation Inhibitors Vapor Phase Inhibitors Toxicity of Inhibitors GREEN CORROSION INHIBITORS: STATUS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Introduction Protection against Corrosion Inhibitors Natural Products as Green Corrosion Inhibitors Green Corrosion Inhibition: Research and Progress Green Corrosion Inhibition in Developing Countries INNOVATIVE SILANES-BASED PRETREATMENT TO IMPROVE THE ADHESION OF ORGANIC COATINGS Introduction Hybrid Silane Sol-Gel Coatings Corrosion Protection by Sol-Gel Coatings CORROSION OF AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEELS AND NICKEL-BASE ALLOYS IN SUPERCRITICAL WATER AND NOVEL CONTROL METHODS Introduction Thermodynamics of Alloy Oxidation Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steels and Ni-Base Alloys in SCW Novel Corrosion Control Methods Factors Influencing Corrosion Summary METAL-PHOSPHONATE ANTICORROSION COATINGS Introduction The Scope of Green Chemistry and Corrosion Control Metal-Phosphonate Materials: Structural Chemistry Metal-Phosphonate Anticorrosion Coatings A Look at Corrosion Inhibition by Metal-Phosphonates at the Molecular Level Conclusions/Perspectives METAL-MATRIX NANOCOMPOSITE COATINGS PRODUCED BY ELECTRODEPOSITION Introduction Electrodeposition of Composite Coatings - Theoretical Remarks Electrodeposition of Composite Coatings New Insight in the Electrodeposition of Composite ADSORPTION STUDIES, MODELING, AND USE OF GREEN INHIBITORS IN CORROSION INHIBITION: AN OVERVIEW OF RECENT RESEARCH Introduction Adsorption Mechanisms in Corrosion Inhibition Hybrid Coatings Modeling Aspects Green Inhibitors Conclusions INDIAN INITIATIVES FOR CORROSION PROTECTION Introduction Scenario of the Indian Industry Corrosion Protection Scenario in India Corrosion Education An Overview of Highly Corrosion-Prone Industries in India Conclusions Recommendations PROTECTIVE COATINGS: NOVEL NANOHYBRID COATINGS FOR CORROSION AND FOULING PREVENTION Introduction Background Fouling Marine Fouling Corrosion Epoxy Resin Coatings Scope and Objectives Experimental: Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the Nanohybrid Coatings Results and Discussion Summary and Conclusion

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Green Corrosion Chemistry and Engineering
Opportunities and Challenges With a Foreword by Nabuk Okon Eddy
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